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Other Names
Real Name: Unknown
1st appearance: ORB
Voice Artist: Michael Sinterniklaas


Debuting on the episode ORB in Season 3, Half-Jackal is seen in the The Rusty Venture Show holding Dr. Venture, Sr. at gunpoint. Behind a rock outcropping a few yards away, Rusty Venture is straddled atop Kano with a gun in hand, while Colonel Gentleman lays bleeding and relatively useless next to them, coaching Rusty how to snipe Half-Jackal before his father is killed himself. It is presumed that Half-Jackal does indeed suffer that fate, since Rusty does eventually fire the gun. It is debatable if Half-Jackal is in fact a real-world villain who actually harrassed Rusty and his father during his childhood adventures, or simply an invention for the TV show.


Half-Jackal's appearance is highly reminiscent of Two-Face, from Batman's rogues gallery.