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Lance Hale

Lance Hale.jpg

Who drapes a sweater over their shoulders? That's so 80's
Other Names
Real Name: Lance
1st appearance: Self Medication
Voice Artist: Seth Green


Very much the Hank and Dean of their day. Lance Hale and Dale Hale. Formerly known as the world famous boy detectives The Hale Brothers. Lance maintains that he is only in the therapy sessions because it's his brother who cannot get over the murder of his father. Dale still has flashbacks of seeing their father dying in a pool of his own blood.

They may, or may not, have killed their father sometime in their 20's because, in Lance's words "Nothing we ever did was good enough for him." He also maintains that their fingerprints on the murder weapon was purely coincidental.

Lance is highly competitive and will google information to prove others wrong, taking great joy in his minor victory. He's also a bully, and loves to tease Wonder Boy about his weight and eating problems.

Dale is more reserved and says little, to nothing, during the therapy sessions until the therapist was killed. Then he came into his own and fell back into old investigating skills and proved he was still a very competent detective.

Lance can handle himself in a fight, while Dale is more in the habit of hiding under the nearest table.

When Doctor Venture brings up the possibility that the brothers killed their father Lance becomes defensive, stating "That was never proven."

Dale meanwhile freaks out saying, "Oh God, Lance he knows."

Dale Hale

Dale Hale.jpg

A sweater vest? Something familiar about this guy...
Other Names
Real Name: Dale
1st appearance: Self Medication
Voice Artist: John K. Hodgman


  • The Hale Brothers are a parody of The Hardy Boys, a series of book about two boys who are also brothers and amateur detectives. They also have elements of the Menendez brothers.