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Hadji Singh


"My wife will leave me if I bring him home again."
Other Names
Real Name: Hadji Singh
1st appearance: The Doctor is Sin
Voice Artist: Jackson Publick
Quest Family


Hadji is a former boy adventurer and in his youth he traveled with Action Johnny, Dr. Quest and Race Bannon. His adventures with Jonny were mirrored by those of Rusty Venture and Hector. Hadji is currently employed by the Jonas Venture Junior wing of Venture Industries working in their Indian office. He reveals that he is married and is risking divorce by giving Jonny a place to stay while he is in drug detox. He also does not seem to have a high opinion of Rusty.

Fun Facts[edit]

  • In his episode debut he is referred to as "Radji," possibly to askew legal snafus by Hannah-Barbera, or possibly for reasons of protecting his identity.

Episode Appearances[edit]