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The Venture Bros. episode
Guess Who's Coming to State Dinner?
Season 2
Orig. Airdate September 10, 2006
Director Jackson Publick
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When Gargantua-1 begins to lose orbit, it looks like the end of the space station and it's two inhabitants. Miraculously, the space station crashes down on a terrorist den and Bud Manstrong is invited to dinner at the White House as a hero. The Ventures are invited because isn't the person who owns the space station (Rusty) a hero too? (No). Brock meets an adversary and has to confront how he wronged Manstrong. The boys meet Abe Lincoln's ghost who has a warning about a potential murder at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, and it's nothing like that Wesley Snipes movie.


The opening scene shows Gargantua-1 hurling towards earth (potentially due to a problem caused by Dr. Venture's urine leaking from his spacesuit onto vital components, as shown in the first season). Inside, Col. Bud Manstrong is freaking out while Lt. Anna Baldavich wants to consummate their love right before they die. Manstrong freaks out and shortly thereafter Gargantua 1 crashes in a desert somewhere, coincidentally landing on a terrorist hide out and killing them at the same time.

After the world has hailed Manstrong a hero, he is invited to The White House to make a bid for Vice President. Rusty, Brock, Hank and Dean are also at The White House. At dinner, Rusty tells Brock he brought a little something to show to President Breyer. Brock is sitting next to Manstrong's mom who is constantly hitting on him. Manstrong is embarrassed by his mother but she says she's embarrassed by him because he suckled till he lost his baby teeth, and is prudish like his father, Senator Manstrong, who "needed a senate sub-committee to find a g-spot"! Rusty asks Manstrong to put in a good word for him with the president when Manstrong's mom intervenes. Manstrong is further embarrassed but Mrs. Manstrong tells him to "listen to his mother" which makes him go into a hypnotic trance. In the background the ghost of Abe Lincoln peeks out of his own portrait, apparently noticing something wrong with Manstrong.

Later, the President and Manstrong are in the oval office, and the President tells him he needs a squeaky clean running mate or else won't have a Chinaman's chance to win the election. He offers Manstrong a cigar, but when Manstrong reaches out to get one the president says "not that one." He offers him the VP spot and then tells him to choose one of his secretaries except the one in blue "that smells like this" shoving his finger underneath Manstrong's nose and just when he is going to tell Manstrong he wrote his name on her shirt with his-- Manstrong flips out and leaves. The President buzzes a secretary and asks for his blow job.

In one of the rooms, the boys are getting ready for bed time and a house keeper is taking their clothes to wash with club soda from some staining they got at the dinner, thanks to Manstrong's mom trying to free Brock's Nelson Mandela under the table making Brock spit out his wine all over. Dean, though, is freaking out because he saw Abe's ghost at the dinner. Outside in the hallway, Manstrong meets his mom and tells her he wanted to tell the President to stick the job in... in.... in... but he could never bring himself to utter those foul words so he admits he ran away. She once again tells him to listen to his mother and Manstrong obediently walks into the oval office to accept the President's offer. Rusty is hatching up a scheme to get into the President office to sell a portable force field which doesn't jive with Brock. Hauser, a secret service agent, shows up and makes fun of Brock which makes Brock agree to Rusty's request. Manstrong and his mom are talking to the President inside the oval office when a gunshot is heard. A secretary pops up from the President's desk and Rusty hurries in, while Brock,in the background, is battling the secret service. He goes up to the President and starts pitching his force field and just as he takes out the remote control to activate it, Agent Hauser breaks in and rushes at Rusty, breaking the remote control and turning it the force field on at the same time.

In the boys room, Dean meets Lincoln's ghost who asks for their help in stopping Manstrong. He explains about a microchip in Manstrong's neck, and when the boys don't get it, he asks if they've seen The Manchurian Candidate, which they clearly haven't, (not even the remake with Denzel Washington!) so Lincoln explains that he has to possess one of the boys because he is immaterial. Lincoln possesses Dean, and tries to smooch Hank who punches the possessed Dean and knocks Abe Lincoln out of him. Abe explains that it's been so long since he experienced hormones and that he knows about Triana and the boys' "experimenting". Back in the oval office, Rusty explains that they can't get out of the office because the remote is broken. When Agent Hauser takes out his gun to shoot the force field generator, Rusty tells him the force field runs on nuclear batteries. When the President asks how long it will take for the nuke-u-lar batteries to run out, Rusty ask Brock who responds 5.24 years. Agent Hauser takes some post-it notes and pastes them on the door frame/force field requesting the army and a scientist.

General Manhowers and JJ show up and discuss their options. Just then a possessed Dean turns the corner and runs right into the force field stopping him, but letting a penny in his pocket through the force field. Back at the boys room, Lincoln explains he can only move physical objects that bear his resemblance. The boys come up with a plan to gather all the $5 bills they can and set to the task.

Back in the oval office, everyone except Hauser, who seems to be the only one who cares about perimeters, gets their drink on. Brock tries to talk to apologize for the Baldavich incident, telling Manstrong he didn't know him and Baldavich had a thing going on. Manstrong however, isn't having any of it because Brock "deflowered his Eve." Brock doesn't believe the Boy Scout act and tells Manstrong that he and Baldavich were on Gargantua 1 for years, and he should have hit that, but Manstrong loses it and picks a fight with Brock because first he had his way with Baldavich and now he's "sullying" his mother. He calls Brock a "Mandingo" and wants to fight him "school yard rules" style. Brock refuses to because he knows he can beat Manstrong stupid but the angered prude will not back down!

In the Lincoln bedroom, Hank and Dean are paper meche-ing Abe Lincoln, when Lincoln senses something is amiss. He runs to the oval office, covered in $5 bills and smashes through the force field, grabbing a hold of Manstrong and showing the President the chip underneath Manstrong's bandaid. Mrs. Manstrong comes to, grabs a gun and shoots Lincoln in the head all over again. Manstrong's chip short circuits and he faints and when Rusty sees it, he plugs into the chip with his communicator watch and sees what transpired in the final moments of Gargantua-1. Baldavich tried to give Manstrong a hand job, but he passes out before she can do much. Passed out Manstrong, with hands in his pants sees stars and passes out all over again.

"Penny for his thoughts!" exclaims Lincoln.

After the credits roll, the boys are wondering why Lincoln hasn't crossed over yet.

"Apparently stopping my bodyguard from beating up a repressed masturbator isn't enough to get you into heaven these days," says Rusty. "You're one to judge... Rusty, I seem to remember a certain fast handed little red-head sleeping in the Lincoln bedroom..." says Lincoln. Rusty quickly brushes the topic off while the Maid outside is removing the force field with a little club soda.

Voice Talent
James Urbaniak Dr. Venture

Dr. Jonas Venture Jr.

Patrick Warburton Brock Samson
Chris McCulloch Hank Venture

Lincoln's Ghost

Pirate Captain


General Manhowers

Additional Voices

Michael Sinterniklaas Dean Venture
Terrence Fleming Col. Bud Manstrong
Joanna Adler Mrs. Manstrong
Dana Snyder President Breyer
Jarboe Maid
Brendon Small Agent Hauser
Mia Barron Sally Impossible

Nina Hellman Lt. Anna Baldavich


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