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"You are the Hand chosen by The Master! Yours is the veil of blood! Yours is the sword of Michael!"
Other Names
Real Name: Groovy
1st appearance: ¡Viva los Muertos!
Voice Artist: Jackson Publick
The Groovy Gang


Groovy is a Great Dane and the mascot of The Groovy Gang. He is capable of speech, but will only talk to Sonny, claiming to have no interest in speaking to anybody else because only Sonny is chosen by "The Master". He voice is menacing and demonic, and he often advises Sonny to do terrible things to punish the wicked in the name of The Master. Given that Sonny is a drug-addled, murderous lunatic, it is very probable that he is merely hallucinating Groovy's voice, although Sonny denies this, claiming, "This dog fucking talks, man!" Together, Groovy and Sonny brutally murdered Hank and Dean Venture in an underground cavern, and dumped their battered, mutilated corpses into a dark hole. During the Groovy Gang's second encounter with the Venture Family, Rusty Venture's latest unholy abomination, Venturestein, strangled Groovy to death while Brock Samson killed Sonny and Ted. Venturestein later used one of Groovy's feet to make a shoe, planning to give it to a prostitute in exchange for sex. It may be possible he has some form of relationship with Orpheus's master who is referred to as the master. Who when first appearing on the show took the form of the three headed dog Cerberus so it is possible that Groovy was involved with the dark arts, or was some form of underling to The Master.


  • Scooby-Doo, who was also a Great Dane capable of human speech, but was substantially less horrifying and never commanded Shaggy to murder people.
  • David Berkowitz's neighbor's dog, Harvey. Berkowitz, the serial killer known as the Son of Sam, claimed that his neighbor Sam Carr's labrador retriever, Harvey, was possessed by an ancient demon who commanded him to murder pretty, young girls. Berkowitz would later retract this claim.

Episode Appearances[edit]