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Girl Hitler

Girl hitler.png

"You mess with the girl, you get the Hitler!"
Other Names
Real Name: Unknown
1st appearance: Home Insecurity
Voice Artist: Mia Barron
The Ünderground
Ünderland (Current Ruler)


Once a trusted advisor of Baron Ünderbheit, she was seemingly executed by a tiger-bomb for planning a coup d'etat. She survived, however, and subsequently joined the Ünderlandian resistance movement. Following the Baron's fall from power, she became the new ruler of Ünderland and established a democracy. In an attempt to "soften the image of Ünderland" she promptly exiles Baron Ünderbheit instead of executing him. This is quite ironic as Adolf Hitler was a fascist, tyrannic leader.

Colonel Catclops proposes to Girl Hitler, but it is unknown if they ever got married.


Episode Appearances[edit]