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Virginia "Ginnie" Dunne


"Hard rain's a-gonna fall."
Other Names
Real Name: Virginia Dunne
1st appearance: Dr. Quymn, Medicine Woman
Voice Artist: Joanna Adler


Virgina "Ginnie" Dunne was Dr. Quymn's bodyguard, and she watches over her and her two daughters. Her muscular, overtly masculine appearance and physical similarity to Brock fuels repeated jokes throughout the episode that she is a lesbian, who has attempted to "turn" Dr. Quymn many times to no avail. She gets particularly jealous when Dr. Quymn begins to speak fondly of Dr. Venture.

On the other hand, when the twins ask her why she hates men, Ginnie says (while hungrily eyeing Brock) "I don't hate men, I've just never met a real one." This leads into a brazen, bizarre seduction of Brock in which she tries to attract his attention with feats of strength and masculinity followed by abruptly withdrawing her interest, at one point attempting to seduce him with blatant double-entrendres and sexual poses before accosting the speechless Brock with "Stop staring at my ass, Samson, no means no!"

When they are on Wereodile watch, Ginnie literally demands a date with Brock and brings a six-pack of beer, but Dean appears and ruins the moment with his anti-women tirade, leading Ginnie to sigh and exclaim that the moment was "Totally blown" before removing and presenting her massive brassiere to Brock before departing the scene. Brock, for his part, is consistently baffled by Ginnie's rough courtship, apparently not sure what to make of her.

When Ginnie finds Dr. Venture and Dr. Quymn about to have sex in Dr. Quymn's cabin, she flies into a rage and hurls Dr. Venture out of bed, berating Dr. Quymn over her decision to couple with a man who will leave her hurt and abandoned, "like all the others", leaving Ginnie to "pick up the pieces", indicating that Ginnie's connection to Dr. Quymn came at the end of a series of traumatic failed relationships with men, possibly including a prior encounter with Dr. Venture himself. In the middle of her tirade, Brock arrives, hearing Dr. Venture's cries for help, and tackles Ginnie, beginning an equally-matched hand-to-hand brawl that they both apparently enjoy immensely. In the process they knock over a lantern, setting the cabin on fire, with Dr. Quymn having a seizure from the stress (disgusting Dr. Venture and causing him to lose his interest in her).

Episode Appearances[edit]