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The Venture Bros. episode
Ghosts of the Sargasso
Season 1
Orig. Airdate September 11, 2004
Writer(s) Doc Hammer
Jackson Publick
Director Jackson Publick
Production # 1-08
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Eeney, Meeney, Miney... Magic! 6 Ice Station -- Impossible!


When Dr. Venture tries to salvage one of his father's lost experimental jets lost at sea, he digs up more than anyone expected. And it's up to Hank, Dean and Brock to deal with the pirates who overrun their boat.


The episode starts with a flashback to 1969 where Major Tom has lost control of the TVC-15. He apologizes to Jonas and tells The Action Man that he's happy and that he hopes The Action Man is happy too. Major Tom blacks out and his craft crashes into the ocean.

Fast forward to the present and the Venture Clan is on the X-2 at the approximate location of the incident. Dr. Venture is trying to find what he calls his "father's flying metal failure" using a device he calls the metasonic locator. Once he is in the water he radios Brock for a "topside" report. Brock sees something that doesn't make sense and leaves Venture talking to himself while he gets up to investigate. Hank wakes up too and goes up deck so he can take a whiz. Outside, some pirates are sneaking onto the X-2. Brock sees some of them and is abot to smash their skulls together when he gets a call from Hank telling him about the pirates. Brock knocks the pirates out and tells hank to stay calm. Inside the cabin, a "ghost pirate" is freaking Dean out. Brock comes in and smashes the guy on the head with a fire extinguisher. He throws the guy out of the cabin to finish the job but is assaulted by the whole gang of pirates who are still no match for him. A pirate captain comes out with Dean as his hostage and tells the pirates to put Brock in the brig.

In the bottom of the ocean, Dr. Venture has still not found the TVC-15. He turns up the juice on the metasonic locater and as his attention is diverted by a giant clam he steps into with his dive suit, a bright green flash is seen in the background, shooting upwards towards the water's surface.

Back on the X-2, the pirate captain is rambling about him and his crew's days stuck in the sargasso when he hears a howling scream. He asks Dean if he hears the scream, but either he or Dean are talking when the howl howls and Dean misses it.

On the pirate boat, Brock is communicating with Hank and instructs him on how to disable the pirates. Suddenly two pirates come in and ask him for the key to the X-2. Brock says the key is up his ass so one of the pirates is forced to swab the poop deck. Brock asks the pirate who's watching for a cigarette. The pirate refuses which send Brock over the edge. He clenches his buttocks and sends the unfortunate pirate spiraling around to hit the other pirate, disabling both of them in one shot. He calls the pirate captain on the walkie talkie and tells him he's gonna feed him the key to the X-2. The pirate captain is not going to stick around so he fumbles around with wires and finally manages to hot wire the boat.

Venture, in the meantime, has blown up the legs on the dive suit and freed himself from the clam but in the process loses the metasonic locator. He is stumbling around the ocean floor and lo-and-behold he finds the TVC-15. Just as he is recording his victory speech the pirate captain takes off dragging him along. His dive suit crashes into some rocks which stops the boat. The pirate captain goes out to investigate and sees his crew tied up. Dean follows along and just then they hear the howl again. This time they know it came from the bow and when they go investigate they see Hank cornered by a REAL ghost! The pirate captain tries to subdue the ghost but to no avail. Fortunately the only thing the apparition seems to want to do is howl. The boys call Dr. Orpheus who finds out that the ghost is Major Tom. He gives them the number to Major Tom's communicator watch which they call. Jeanie, Major tom's wife answers and she talks to Major Tom to calm him down. At first it seems to be working but then The Action Man gets on the communicator watch and tells him to stop bugging them and that he is married to Jeanie now. That sends Major Tom's ghost into howling lament but Brock climbs onto the deck, runs at the ghost and kicks its ever howling head off his neck, over the rail and into the deep, followed by his body. The howling head falls on Dr. Venture's dive suit scaring the crap out of him.

In the ending scene after Dr. Venture has been pulled out of the sea, the pirate captain asks for forgiveness but also asks for a ride since Brock killed Steve and burned his ship which should make them squaresies. Brock agrees and the boys Team Venture each other.

Fun Facts[edit]

David Bowie songs are heavily referenced in this episode. The song TVC-15 is referenced when Major Tom says, "I'm sorry about the TVC-15."

Lyrics from two of his songs, Ashes to Ashes and Space Oddity are also worked into the dialog.

From Ashes to Ashes:

They got a message from the Action Man
"I'm happy, hope you're happy too
I've loved all I've needed to love
Sordid details following"

From Space Oddity:

And I think my spaceship knows which way to go
Tell my wife I love her very much she knows
Ground Control to Major Tom
Your circuit's dead, there's something wrong
Can you hear me, Major Tom?
Can you hear me, Major Tom?
Can you hear me, Major Tom?
Can you....

Jonas and Rusty both wear the same powder blue terrycloth jumpsuit as Sean Connery's 007 wore in Goldfinger.

Voice Talent
James Urbaniak Dr. Venture
Major Tom
Michael Sinterniklaas Dean Venture
Patrick Warburton Brock Samson
Chris McCulloch Hank Venture
Pirate Captain
Pirates 1,3
The Action Man
Major Tom's Ghost
Steven Rattazzi Dr. Orpheus
Paul Boocock Dr. Jonas Venture
'Doc' Mass. Pirate
Lisa Hammer Jeanie (Mrs. Tom)
the vocal stylings of Soul-Bot as H.E.L.P.eR.

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