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Ghost Robot

Ghost robot.jpg

"I, too, know the terrible pain of loss."
Other Names
Real Name: Unknown
Weatherbot 5
1st appearance: Handsome Ransom
Voice Artist: Christopher McCulloch
The Super Gang


Ghost Robot is a ghost that lives in the head of a robot. When he is not fighting crime as a member of The Super Gang, he is reporting the weather for the Action 5 News Team under the guise of his secret identity, Weatherbot 5. He seems to be particularly close to his fellow Super Gang member, U.S. Steel. It is not clear who or what Ghost Robot was when he was alive, but he is generally good-natured and friendly. As a robot, he does not need to eat food, and although he may have been a fan of the 1970s NBC drama series "CHiPs", there were things about that show that always bothered him.

Ghost Robot was amongst the heroes and villains kidnapped by Henchman Zero, the Avenging Henchman and forced to participate in gladiatorial combat. In his first round, he was pitted against the merciless Henchman 21, and, although Ghost Robot offered to team up with 21 to defeat their captors, 21 instead brutally stabbed a prone Ghost Robot in the head with a trident, apparently killing him.

Later, a reconstructed Ghost Robot was recruited by the OSI to participate in an undercover investigation of Vendata, a member of the Council of 13. The OSI's engineers altered Ghost Robot's chassis to make him indistinguishable from fellow robot Galacticon, a card-carrying member of the Guild of Calamitous Intent, and set him up on a date with Vendata through an online personals site. Lacking in subtlety, and having difficulty coming to grips (no pun intended) with the concept of having actual fingers in lieu of clamp-hands, Ghost Robot was a pretty terrible spy, and the mission was ultimately aborted.

Episode Appearances[edit]