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Ghost Pirates


1st appearance: Ghosts of the Sargasso
Pirate Captain
Little Joe
Steve (deceased)
6 other unnamed pirates


They're not really ghosts, nor even much in the way of pirates, but they do their best. The Ghost Pirates' semi-successful reign of looting Red Cross and Toys 'R' Us shipments ended in ignomy with a decade long stay in the Bermuda Triangle when their ship became trapped in the sargasm. After a half-hearted attempt to ghost pirate the Venture Family out of the X-2 which resulted in the death of Steve, the burning of their ship, and sound thrashings all around, they begged a ride back to shore.

The Ghost Pirates are now employed by Jonas Venture Jr., notably in Now Museum, Now You Don't where they serve unhappily as catering staff. They engage in a brief revolt against this indignity, but choose to return to work peaceably, convinced by a sentimental film about Jonas Venture.

Crew Members[edit]

  • Pirate Captain
  • Little Joe
  • Mike
  • Unnamed pirate with an anchor tattoo
  • Unnamed pirate with beard & trucker hat
  • Unnamed large black pirate
  • Unnamed pirate with a white mustache
  • Unnamed pirate with black beard, and green bandanna
  • Unnamed pirate with a soul patch
  • Steve (deceased)