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General Manhowers


Other Names
Real Name: General H.I. Manhowers
1st appearance: The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay
Voice Artist: Chris McCulloch


General Manhowers is a U.S. Army officer who is responsible for providing government funding to Venture Industries' for weapons technology. He provided much of the funding for Jonas Venture (and later Jonas Venture Jr.), but notably not Thaddeus Venture. Despite Rusty's attempt to impress the General with an elaborate show of fake technologies he needed money to develop, he was not fooled and refused to give Venture Industries any money, noting that "It's the same stuff as when your Dad ran the show...only most of it still worked back then!" However he was impressed by Rusty's Venturestein and ordered nearly 100.

Manhowers was also called upon, with JJ, to help rescue President Breyer from Dr. Venture's force-field. While there, he mentioned that he doesn't have a very good relationship with his son whom is always getting in trouble at school.

Fun Facts[edit]

  • His name is a play on the military term "man hours", meaning the number of hours it takes an average worker to accomplish a specific task.

Episode Appearances[edit]