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The Gargantua-1 orbital space station

Gargantua-1 was a huge space station in geosynchronous orbit around Earth, built by Dr. Jonas Venture in the 1960s.

During its heyday, Gargantua-1 was crewed by over two thousand scientists, engineers and support staff, including "one busy barber." According to crew member Bud Manstrong, in the past one disgruntled crew member invited a group of fellow workers to a showing of Burt Reynolds's Sharky's Machine, during which he opened the bay doors, sucking almost the entire crew out into the hard vacuum of space. This insane crewman is rumored to haunt the station as the Phantom Spaceman. Due to a series of coincidences and misunderstandings, Hank and Dean believe Phantom Spaceman is causing chaos on Gargantua-1 in Careers in Science. They even go so far as to expel a poor sheet-and-bucket-covered H.E.L.P.e.R. into space.

Either a result of these rumors or the failing fortunes of Venture Industries, the following years were not kind to the space station. It sunk into disrepair and its crew shrunk to only two: Colonel Bud Manstrong and Lieutenant Anna Baldavich.

The station was ingeniously designed with a blinking red light, the Problem Light, to alert occupants that there is a problem. When the light goes off prior to the events of Careers in Science, the crew follows instructions to contact Dr. Thaddeus Venture to solve the problem.

In Guess Who’s Coming to State Dinner?, Gargantua-1 plummets to the Earth, a potential consequence of Rusty's spacesuit leaking urine onto a control panel at the end of Careers in Science (causing the recently fixed "problem light" to activate again), and crashes into a terrorist hideout. The final moments of the majestic space station were caught on tape; it was also presumably the first time Bud Manstrong received a handjob. Manstrong was given a medal and invited to a White House dinner, while Anna Baldavich was killed in the crash.

In Handsome Ransom, it's revealed that Jonas Jr. is building a successor, Gargantua-2.