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Foul-Mouthed Rednecks


"Get a haircut faggot"
Other Names
Real Name: One with mustache named Gus
1st appearance: Return to Spider-Skull Island
Voice Artist: Chris McCulloch and Steven Rattazzi


They were the two fowl-mouthed rednecks that hassled Dr. Orpheus at the diner while he was tailing Hank and Dean. They kept calling him a "hippie" and a "faggot" because of his long hair (confusingly, they both had similarly long hair). Orpheus warned them several times to leave him alone but his warnings went unheeded. He housed their souls inside the Homeboy Action Figure that he purchased in the gumball machine at the diner. Their souls can be heard screaming for help from within the toy.

Episode Appearances[edit]