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The Floating Cocoon above a Mexican jungle.

The base of operations for The Monarch, Dr. Girlfriend and The Fluttering Horde, the Cocoon is a massive structure capable of carrying and housing an enormous number of henchmen. The Cocoon has been seen above a jungle (pictured), near the Venture Compound, in a mall parking lot, and in the Grand Canyon. Featuring a large command deck dominated by The Monarch's throne atop a central dais, The Floating Cocoon is a lair fit for a king. Surrounding the throne are computer workstations that control the flight of the cocoon, surveillance inside and out, communications systems and other command functions. The cocoon also has a vehicle bay for the Monarchmobile and a landing bay for Butterflyers. The cocoon also has the ability to cloak itself from enemy radar and sight, though the cloak no longer works in fourth gear. In a most gracious act The Monarch had a lounge set up for the henchmen to decompress in. The lounge comes complete with Tekken 3 and Guitar Hero. There is also a malevolent murder maze (housing a polar bear, swinging blades, and a lake of acid, among other things), as seen in the episode "Fallen Arches". After his wedding to Dr. Girlfriend, the Monarch had a second throne installed for her. Jonas Venture Jr. mistakenly refers to the Cocoon as a giant pine cone.


The Monarchmobile is a themed car. The later versions also have the ability to convert into an aircraft. It is parked directly under a secret access tunnel concealed beneath the Monarch's throne that, with a little luck, should deposit one directly into the car.


A butterfly-themed aircraft seen carrying The Monarch, Hank, and Brock to The Cocoon.