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Fat Chance

Fat chance.jpg

Other Names
Real Name: Unknown
1st appearance: Bright Lights, Dean City
Voice Artist: Chris McCulloch
Revenge Society

Fat Chance is a member of the Revenge Society. A science experiment gone awry turned his belly into a portal into another dimension. Rusty accidentally fell into the portal during a battle with the Revenge Society. As of season 5 Fat Chance is still a member of the Revenge Society.

Dr. Killinger helped enhance Fat Chance's abilities and taught him how to concentrate them into making his dimensional rift work less randomly and adhere more to his will. He also encouraged Fat Chance to change his moniker to Fat Choice because of this training of his abilities.

Fat Choice participated in the robbery of Gargantua-2 and smuggled the rest of the Revenge Society onto the station using his powers. When Colonel Gentleman and Action Man fought the hostage situation in the casino, Fat Choice was knocked unconscious and several random items (Eskimos, zebras, and a giant squid) escaped his dimensional rift as a result. Phantom Limb and Radical Left were later seen escaping to Meteor Majeure using Fat Choice's powers, but he was not seen awaking and could be presumed having died in the explosion of Gargantua-2.