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Giving Crowley the ol' stinkeye
Other Names
Real Name: Unknown
1st appearance: ORB
Voice Artist: Chris McCulloch
The Guild of Calamitous Intent


Fantomas was an adventurer and grandfather of Phantom Limb. His portrait was shown in The Invisible Hand of Fate and he appeared in a flashback in ORB. He was apparently, along with Lloyd Venture, a member of the Guild before the "...Of Calamitous Intent" part was added. He disagreed with Venture about the use of the Orb.

He played the Sousaphone, quite badly. In the 1950's, he kidnapped several washed up musicians and attempted to start a band. Possibly by his orders the guild was a safe haven for washed up rock stars during the 50's. Even when this feature of the guild was removed (probably immediately after his death) several of the musicians stayed within the guild ranks and went on to serve on The Council.

Episode Appearances[edit]

Fun Facts[edit]

Fantomas was the name of a popular character in French pulp novels at the turn of the 20th century. As with the Fu Manchu series, the title character was a villain pursued by the protagonists. Brilliant but homicidal, Fantomas was a precursor to the Joker (and arguably one of the first supervillains).