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Selected Quotes for The Venture Bros. Episode,

Fallen Arches

Jefferson Twilight: No man, you have a secret identity. That’s classic comic stuff. You’re like Captain… no, Aquaman.

Dr. Orpheus: Aquaman doesn’t have a secret identity. He’s always Aquaman.

Jefferson Twilight: Okay, bad example.

Dr. Orpheus: Nobody believes that Aquaman is a stay-at-home dad. Everybody knows what Aquaman does.

Jefferson Twilight: I don’t know what Aquaman does. Doesn’t he protect some lame fake-ass kingdom

Dr. Orpheus: I thought he fought Black Manta?

Jefferson Twilight: On three, we give him the old Rochambeau.

The Alchemist: Rock-paper-scissors?

Dr. Orpheus: What does a general from the American Revolution have to do with this?

Jefferson Twilight: American Revolution? “Rochambeau” sounds, sounds French to me.

Dr. Orpheus: Well, yes, the Franco-American Forces.

Jefferson Twilight: They fought with Spaghetti-Os and meatballs?

The Alchemist: Why would a company called Franco-American make Italian food?

Dean: You should see a doctor, it smells like you pounded garbage into your butt!

Hank: Knock it off. We have a mystery in our bathroom. Query: can flames come out of the toilet?

Dean: Hank, if you did this...

Hank: I didn't! Dude, if I did this, I would tell you. I would be, like, almost proud of this!

Triana: You guys have been in there for like an hour! What are you doing in th-- uugghh! Hank! What is wrong with you?!

Dean: Right? It smells like a Bible story in here.

Triana: Did my grandpa teach you to crap?

Henchman_24: I can't believe that whore stole my Stanza.

Henchman_21: I can't believe that whore made it through the lake of acid.