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The Venture Bros. episode
Fallen Arches
Season 2
Orig. Airdate September 3, 2006
Writer(s) Doc Hammer
Director Jackson Publick
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Love-Bheits 21 Guess Who's Coming to State Dinner?


Dr. Orpheus has finally been approved by The Guild for an arch-nemesis. The catch: He needs a hero group to be eligible. So he seeks out his old pals to reform The Order of the Triad. Meanwhile, Henchmen 21 and 24 use forged documents and stolen jet packs in an attempt to become independent villains. Can they match up against the dastardly Monarch, who lets a whore loose to fend for herself against the perils of the Cocoon!


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'First rate professional menace!'

Dr. Orpheus has been approved by The Guild of Calamitous Intent for an arch. After watching the informative video sent to him, he realizes that the screening will be held that day. In the lab, Rusty is working on his Walking Eye and steals some ideas from Brock Hank and Dean. They look out the window and see choppers and Guild wasps landing and Brock has to go take care of something because they are landing in his herb garden.

In a subway station, two black men are battling each other. One of them is a vampire and the other one looks like a vampire hunter of some sort. The vampire says they haven't seen each other in 200 years and then has his fangs tore out and head chopped off with a kitana sword. Dr. Orpheus walks up to him and tells Jefferson Twilight the vampire hunter, that they have been approved for a Guild of Calamitous Intent arch.

In the cocoon, 21 is making a fake arching license. 24 sees it and can't believe 21 is trying to pass himself as 6'5" and 135 lbs to which 21 responds that those licenses are just meant for flashing and that he made 24 one. 21 thinks he can do a better job at arching than The Monarch, which 24 totally disagrees with, saying that The Monarch is a very ruthless villain. In The Monarch's bedroom, The Monarch is trying to get a Prostitute to speak like Dr. Girlfriend.

Back at the Venture Compound, Watch and Ward are discussing how cool it is that they are in the conference room where "The Treaty of Tolerance" was signed and that "the real doctor venture" is why Ward joined The Guild. Meanwhile, Orpheus has just astral projected into The Alchemist's lab who says he is looking for the cure for AIDS. Dr. Orpheus tells him he wants to re-form The Order of the Triad. In the boys' room, Rusty tells Dean that he wants him to look after Triana while Orpheus is doing his thing. Dean wants to do a play for Triana but Rusty tells him about the birds and the bees which confuses him even more.

In 21 and 24's quarters, 21 reveals that he "acquired" some jet-packs from Sgt. Hatred. They plan on flying into girl's rooms so they can get into some "sugar pants" and have Sex. Sex. Sex!!! In The Monarchs bedroom, he has finished with the prostitute. when she asks him about the way back to town, The Monarch tells her the cocoon has witnessed her sins and wants to punish her and that she must escape to her freedom.

At the Venture Compound, a line has formed outside the conference room, two villains, Intangible Fancy and Torrid, engage in small talk, when Torrid explains he must go do something. In the boys' room, Hank is dressing up as a girl and he walks into the rest room where Torrid is taking a dump. Torrid disappears but leaves foul smelling fumes behind.

21 and 24 are in a field in their new costumes trying to safely take off. 24 sets his shoes on fire and 21 only hovers about 4 inches off the ground. Meanwhile, at the try outs, Jefferson explains that he hunts Blackulas because there are no African Americans in England. In the boys' bedroom, Brock is reciting Dean's play with Dean, "Lady Windermere". Triana is reading a magazine and Dean, not noticing, yells at Hank to come out. Hank tells Dean to come into the bathroom because it smells like "gun powder, throw up, poo-poo eggs". Triana comes in and a discussion ensues about the horrible smell and how it smells like a bible story and the smell being equatable to Triana's grandfather pooping. Triana sits on the pooper where she suddenly disappears. In the conference room, The Order of the Triad makes short work of wizard named Curse. Outside, next to the formed line, Rusty has taken the walking eye out and is getting himself all wet washing it while some excited villains get turned on by this. Inside, the next villain to try out is Lady Au Pair, but she scares The Triad and gets offended when Jefferson asks her if she smokes the cigarettes or eats them. The boys are solving the mystery of Triana's disappearance and Dean tells Hank to turn on the shower, which is where Torrid is hiding. Hank only sticks his hand into the shower and turns on the water which makes Torrid vanish into a cloud of steam. The steam reveals a message in a mirror from Triana which says "I'm in the torrid zone. Tell my father" which Hank interprets as feather.

Back at the cocoon, the prostitute is going through an obstacle course of death while The Monarch rambles on in the shower while washing away his temporary tattoo. 21 and 24, still out in a field somewhere, are discussing a team name, Jet Boy and Jet Girl, while 24 hovers about 12 feet off the ground thanks to him wearing the two jet packs. 24 doesn't like the names, even if he gets to be Jet Boy. In the conference room with The Order of the Triad, Torrid tells Dr. Orpheus he's kidnapped his daughter. Orpheus goes nuts and jumps at Torrid. In the kitchen, Rusty is watching the villains fight his walking eye while eating a sandwich. Brock says he's going to go out and get some action. When Rusty asks him if he's going to change Brock says, "No way, I love wearing a tux when I kill, it makes me feel like James Bond." The Triad walks in and say they found their arch, and mention that Triana is safe in the torrid zone, an area between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer where Orpheus owns an island. Dean is on top of Jefferson's shoulders and starts to fantasize about Triana in a bikini, which makes Jefferson get him off his shoulders A.S.A.P. The Alchemist thanks Rusty for accepting Hank for who he is. Rusty tells them to get out of his kitchen.

After the end credits, 24 is standing by the road, hitchhiking. The prostitute pulls up, but speeds off when she sees the henchman costume.

I can't believe that whore stole my Stanza.

I can't believe that whore made it through the lake of acid.

Voice Talent
James Urbaniak Dr. Venture
Patrick Warburton Brock Samson
Michael Sinterniklaas Dean Venture
Chris McCulloch Hank Venture
The Monarch
Henchman 24
Additional Voices
Doc Hammer Henchman 21
Lady Au Pair
Additional Voices
Steven Rattazzi Dr. Byron Orpheus
Charles Parnell Jefferson Twilight
Dana Snyder The Alchemist
Lisa Hammer Triana Orpheus
Nina Hellman Prostitute

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