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The Venture Bros. episode
Escape to the House of Mummies Part II
Season 2
Orig. Airdate July 16, 2006
Writer(s) Doc Hammer
Director Jackson Publick
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Assassinanny 911 17 Twenty Years to Midnight


When the Ventures are captured by the Cult of Osiris, Dr. Venture escapes and goes for help, but is soon distracted by a bet with Dr. Orpheus. It's a bet of science vs. magic which he hopes to win with some assistance from Pete White and Master Billy Quizboy.


The episode begins with assorted clips from a previous episode, Escape to the House of Mummies, Part I, in which the Ventures had run up against an Egyptian themed group of baddies named the Cult of Osiris. In the clips we bear witness to the birth of The Perfect Man, Caligula's naughty hiding place, Rusty and Brock's imitation of a powerful god, Brock ready to dash the boys' dream of having a Perfect Man as a pet , henchmen tossing away perfectly good guns, and Rusty badmouthing a priest. The family is then banished to the Hall of Sorrows by the Ibis Priest. Tonight's presentation of part two properly begins.

Trapped inside the Hall of Sorrows, by Rusty's standards a not very impressive trap, the family seeks a way out through the mouth of an ornamental jackal's head on the wall. After Dean fails to get through, Rusty reminds him that at Dean's age he was always called upon to crawl through small openings and so he decides to go himself. Just then the Hall of Sorrows activates and spikes eject from the walls of the now shrinking room.

For the fifth time that day, Hank recommends that they call up Dr. Orpheus. Rusty laughs off the suggestion, believing magic won't help in this situation, but Brock tries to convince him to just go ahead and ask for help. Not admitting defeat Rusty still refuses and Brock shares with the boys the best ways to be killed by a spike. Dr. Venture gives in and contacts Orpheus on his wristwatch.

Orpheus, raking the compound of leaves at the moment, doesn't think there's much he can do other that astral project to their location. Then, hitting upon an idea, he prompts Dean to imagine Triana naked. Dean's lust shines out like a beacon to Orpheus who is then able to pinpoint the family and wreck the Hall of Sorrows with his magic, which causes the Ventures pain, glass to break and Dean to be thrown against the wall. Rusty crawls through the jackal head, hoping to leave before Dean starts crying. He takes off in the X-1 and lands at the compound, wrecking the statue of him and his father on the front lawn.

Back with Brock and the boys, the Ibis Priest returns and is upset by the Hall's destruction. He's confused since hot oil was to have scalded them all. A nearby henchman now realizes he shouldn't have filled the jackal's mouth with voile, a fabric he warmed up in the drier. The priest sneezes inside his mask, causing it to smell like a wet cat and while he's distracted Brock takes the opportunity to knock him out and escape.

At the compound, Orpheus finds Rusty and wonders what happened. Rusty tells him of the Cult of Osiris, asking Byron if he had heard of it. Byron is appalled that Rusty doesn't even understand his work in the realm of magic. Rusty scoffs, declaring Orpheus did nothing that Rusty couldn't have done himself with technology. The two get into an argument about the merits of magic versus science, which ends with a bet on who could shrink himself the smallest by eight o'clock the next day, with Orpheus using magic and Venture science. Rusty is confident of his victory until Byron reminds him that the “the albino and his tiny companion” purchased the Shrink Ray from Rusty at the tag sale

In the House of Mummies, Brock and Hank had gotten separated from Dean. They soon find his head inside a pyramidal frame on top of an altar. Dean warns them of a mummy with a magic scepter, just as the mummy sneaks up behind them! But Hank recognizes him as the good mummy, “Mummy Mum Muggy” and rubs his chin until his head falls off.

In Orpheus' library, the necromancer reads a shrinking spell from a book only to be disappointed when it shrinks his desk to a tiny size.

As Pete and Billy return to the Conjectural Technologies trailer, they're shocked to find the place ransacked. Pete is hopeful that it's the work of their first arch-nemesis, but they're quickly disappointed to find it's just Dr. Venture. Rusty asks for the Shrink Ray Gun and Billy wonders why he broke in instead of just asking for it. After explaining the bet with Orpheus, Billy produces the Shrink Ray, or rather a bag containing it's pieces. After some convincing, and the promise of payment, Rusty gets Billy and Pete to help him fix it.

Meanwhile, Brock's got Edgar Allan Poe in a headlock in order to find where the poet laureate has hidden the Hand of Osiris. Hank wonders if they're screwing up the past with all the time travel. Dean, his head carried in Mummy Mum Muggy's hand, assures him not to worry.

Orpheus sneaks into Triana's room and opens up her closet door, revealing a mystical gateway! Triana barges in with an “I knew it” and explains to her father how she's been afraid of that closet her whole life, a fear which leads her to wear the same outfit every day. Byron apologizes but tells her that the porthole to the Necropolis had to be on the southside on the apartment, which turned out to be Triana's room after she insisted on a private bathroom. Annoyed at having to explain any longer, he puts her into a forgetful sleep and enters the portal.

In the Venture Compound laboratory, Pete, Billy and Rusty are working hard scribbling on sheets of paper. They finish and begin to reveal the fruit of their hard work: a “Guilty Pleasure” list. Pete reveals his number two as Rhea Perlman. Rusty's number two is Joyce DeWitt, with Bonnie Bedelia, the mother from Die Hard taking the number one spot. Billy having misunderstood that the list was to include the names of famous women, instead lists:

  • Oiled garbage bag
  • Sweat sock
  • Melon heated in a microwave.


Orpheus runs into a manifestation of a three-headed dog. He springs to action firing off a fireball into one of its noses. Upon hearing the dogs speak, Orpheus realizes it is The Master. The Master says he had taken the form of Argos to teach him a lesson, upon which Byron points out that Cerberus is the three-headed dog, not Argos. The Master begins to lecture Orpheus but is interrupted by one of his heads licking his genitals clean, a sensation that he admits is a conundrum of pleasure and confusion. He chastises Orpheus for not knowing pleasure, pointing out how his wife had left him because he worked too hard.

House of Mummies

The boys and Brock lie in an overhang watching Rusty approach through the door. When Dr. Venture is followed by another Dean and Hank, Brock realizes that Hank set the time machine for 12:30 AM, not 1230 AD.


H.E.L.P.eR. is set up as a target for a newly taped up shrink ray. As Billy successfully shrinks the robot, the group look for a human subject to test it on. Pete refuses as albinos and rays don't mix, Rusty doesn't want to leave his boys fatherless and Billy doesn't want to die before “tasting the flower of a woman.” After mocking his choice of words Rusty and Pete volunteer him because he has nothing to lose, since he's never done anything.


Orpheus and The Master discuss Triana's lack of respect for him, which the Master says partly stems from letting Rusty step all over him and letting Triana go to drinking parties.


Pete fires the shrink ray at Billy's chest only succeeding in shrinking the boy genius' lungs. As Rusty laughs he releases a toxic fart, destined to fill up Billy's tiny airways.

House of Mummies

Brock prepares a strike, ordering Sigmund Freud with Hank, Caligula to take the second wave, and readies Dean, who's head's set upon Mummy Mum Muggy's body with assault rifles in his hands while riding the Perfect Man. Brock then leads his past self and Poe into a charge.


A poorly aimed Shrink Ray shot by Pete compresses Billy's head. After Pete adjusts, the next shot actually enlarges Master Billy until he resembles “Tobey Maguire in a bad Hulk costume”


Dr. Orpheus is staring up into the heavens, which makes him feel insignificant and foolish. The Master reassures him that Orpheus is the best student he's ever had and is now ready to go win “that incredibly gay contest.”


Billy, apparently back to normal, wonders if his head was always that large. Pete assures him that it was and goes back to tinkering with the shrink ray. As it's now eight o'clock, Rusty is ready to give up. He laments that he's not as good of an inventor as his father was, and he was only good at being a boy adventurer. Billy declares that Rusty was the best boy adventurer and leaves the room, just as Dr. Orpheus enters the laboratory and concedes the contest. Rusty is ready to claim the wager only to be corrected by Orpheus that it was a gentleman's bet.

Billy returns with a lunchbox, giving it to . It's an old lunchbox that Billy won on eBay. The box features Rusty riding a pterodactyl through the skies. In the lower right corner is the the title, “Rusty Venture.” Dr. Venture says he hasn't seen one of those in years and is confused as to why Billy has it. Orpheus points out that it's because Thaddeus is Billy's hero and Billy confirms that Rusty was the reason that he became a boy genius. Rusty is flattered and becomes nostalgic.

Orpheus offers them an invitation to his sitting room for rice pudding before wondering aloud if they had forgotten something. Rusty does remember something: to turn off the lights to the laboratory. He goes back in, not noticing the shrunken H.E.L.P.eR. which he crushes under his feet.

End Titles.

A narrator announces “Next Week on The Venture Bros.” showing the titles for Escape to the House of Mummies, Part Three: The Robot Cannon Mystery. A clip follows showing Hank shivering in the arms of a bearskin clad Brock Samson. Hank hopes for death, allowing a caveman to eat him. Brock commands a second Brock, with a scuba mask, to carve up Edgar Allan Poe, who's lying dead in the snow, so they can put Hank inside him for warmth. As the second Brock laments Poe smelling surprisingly worse on the inside than he does on the outside, the original Brock screams out “Doc!” into the cold air.

Fun Facts[edit]

  • When Billy Quizboy is being shot by Pete White with the shrink ray, he says "Nice shooting William S. Burroughs." This is an allusion to Burroughs' having inadvertently shot and killed his wife during a drunken game of "William Tell" at a party.
  • When Brock is choking Edgar Allen Poe, he asks him where he hid the hand of Osiris. Poe answers "In the basement, under the floor boards." This and the blood leaking from Brock's arm to the floor boards under him are both references to Poe's short story "The Tell-Tale Heart."
  • In the previews for "Escape to the House of the Mummy Part 3" when Brock cuts open Poe to keep a dying Hank warm, this is a reference to the scene in "Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back" when Han Solo cuts open a Tauntaun to keep a nearly dead Luke Skywalker warm.
Voice Talent
James Urbaniak Dr. Venture
Patrick Warburton Brock Samson
Brock Samson No. 2
Michael Sinterniklaas Dean Venture
Chris McCulloch Hank Venture
Pete White
Ibis Priest
Edgar Allan Poe
Additional Voices
Steven Rattazzi Dr. Orpheus
Doc Hammer Master Billy Quizboy
Additional Voices
H. Jon Benjamin The Master
Lisa Hammer Triana Orpheus
Your Pal Soul-bot as H.E.L.P.eR.