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Selected Quotes for The Venture Bros. Episode,

Eeney, Meeney, Miney ...Magic!

My son has it in his head that you were in our house last night and you... killed our robot.

The seed of your loins is quite astute. I saved your mechanical man from certain damnation. For his frail, electronic eyes had gazed upon the impenetrable! He was an unwilling beholder to the impossible!

So what super cool adventure are we gong on today? Should I get my scuba gear?

We're not going anywhere. Your father's working on this thing.

Scuba. Scuba. Scuba Scuba Scuba Scuba Scu... Say Scuba.


Scuba. It sounds funny. Scuba.

Scuba. Yeah, it does.

Orpheus' cat rubs against Rusty's leg

Oh what's this? She's an affectionate little one.

Oh my apologies, she's in heat.

I heard if you take a q-tip and moisten it with warm water...

Arhhhh, I tried that once, it was horrible. I couldn't look at her for a week. She was just a walking reminder of our common shame.

Oh dear God. That's not your wife in some, like, magical animal form?

No, no, no. My wife left me for a young necromancer. My pumpkin still holds out hope.

Hank stares into the Joy Can

It's so beautiful. Like extra flowers.

Brock runs into Tommy, the deaf quarterback, in the Joy Can

Don't worry Brock. It's okay that you killed me.

It was an accident.

It wasn't your fault, I never should have tried to run. I really should have given you the ball.

Greetings pumpkin, I am at Mr. Venture's lab to right that which is wrong and repair the torn curtain of time itself! There are four puddings in the fridge. You may enjoy the contents of one of them. Dinner at six.

Orpheus walks toward the door

Come, my friend, I must close your door on the Spirit World forever!

Orpheus closes the library door behind them. A few seconds pass and the door opens again

No, see, I told you it was unlocked.

Evil has struck the house of venture. The air reeks of an ill wind. Nay, though I have smelt it, that hath dealt it.

This totally sucks. And I'm starting to get hungry.

A pie appears in front of Dean

Do NOT eat it. That is a poisonous magic pie.

Hank and Dean
Go Team Venture!

Yes, Go Team Venture.

Oh for God's sake, don't encourage them.

So. I guess I'll be be seeing you around the compound.

Around the compound? What are you, David Koresh?

No. I'm Dean. Dean Venture.

Yeah, I'll be seeing you.

Okay. Bye.

Smooth move. She was all over you.

Ya think?


Well, I might have used a few unorthodox ingredients.

Just name one.

An... orphan.

A what?

A... little orphan boy.

This machine is powered by the soul of a forsaken child?

Well, I don't know, I mean I didn't use the whole thing!

Dean, what the hell are you doing in there? I need to take a shower.

I'm practicing being a boyfriend, pop.

Nevermind, Dean.