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Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar allan poe.png

"It's under the floorboards!"
Other Names
Real Name: Edgar Allan Poe
1st appearance: Escape to the House of Mummies Part II
Voice Artist: Chris McCulloch


Edgar Allan Poe was the famous gothic writer who ran into Brock, Hank and Dean while they were time traveling. Brock grabbed Poe and put him in a headlock until he revealed the whereabouts of the Hand of Osiris. In an attempt to escape Brock's death grip he stabs him many times in the arm with his quill pen. He eventually reveals it is under the floorboards a la "The Telltale Heart".

He eventually joins their team, which also consists of Caligula, Sigmund Freud, The Perfect Man and a second Brock. He gets his large head stuck in things and when they split up to battle the Cult of Osiris he goes with the two Brocks. Eventually they find themselves in an arctic wasteland and Poe dies of unknown causes. Brock number 2 proceeds to cut him open in order to keep Hank warm, remarking, "And I thought he smelled bad on the outside".

Episode Appearances[edit]