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Other Names
Real Name: Jiles Perry Richardson, Jr.
Councilman 8
The Big Bopper
Agent Kel
1st appearance: Shadowman 9: In the Cradle of Destiny
Voice Artist: Jackson Publick
The Guild of Calamitous Intent


Dragoon is also known as Councilman 8 in the Council of 13. When he is defeated and kidnapped by Revenge[Ep Ref 1], his head is sewn onto the body of fellow councilman, Red Mantle. He later recounts the tale of his induction into The Guild of Calamitous Intent, implying that he was once The Big Bopper and did not die in a tragic plane crash in 1659, er, 1959.

It is implied that Dragoon is at least partially senile, as he remembers Dick Dastardly and Muttley from 'Wacky Races' as somehow being involved in the Council's old car racing habits.

Episode Appearances[edit]

Fun Facts[edit]

A "Dragoon" is a type of mounted infantryman that was common in the late 17th century (probably one reason for the "1659" mistake). Dragoons wore uniforms (including a spiked helmet) similar to the one Dragoon wears.

  1. The Revenge Society

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