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Dr. Z

Dr z.png

"That child is a spinning-murder-top! Are you sure he is your son?"
Other Names
Real Name: Dr. Napoleon Zin
1st appearance: The Buddy System
Voice Artist: Chris McCulloch
The Guild of Calamitous Intent


Dr. Zin is a primary antagonist in show Jonny Quest, of which The Venture Bros. is heavily inspired from. In the show he repeatedly menaces the Quest family.

Dr. Z appears at the end of The Buddy System as a special guest. Action Johnny flips out when he sees him and asks, "Did my father send you?" and has to be given a Zima by Brock to calm him down.

Dr. Z then asks Rusty if he can shoot at him from his helicopter or throw scorpions at him. When Sgt. Hatred shows up for his appointed arching date, he sees Dr. Z and tells one of his Malice Troops to take out the surveillance equipment so he may take a picture with Dr. Z.

In the season 4 episode Self-Medication Dr. Z reveals he has long since retired from super-villainy and settled down with Mrs. Z. His only regret was not being able to have children. A problem promptly fixed by his adoption of Ro-Boy. It is also worth nothing that Dr. Z may be homosexual, due to a comment his wife made during Self-Medication about her being his "beard." A common slang word referring to a woman who marries a gay man to keep up appearances.

In the season 4 episode Pomp and Circuitry it is revealed that Dr. Z lied to both Rusty and Johnny during the episode Self-Medication about his 'retirement' from the life, since it becomes clear (through both his voice and his silhouette) that he is a member of the Council of Thirteen of The Guild of Calamitous Intent. (though he personally may not be arching anyone)

Episode Appearances[edit]