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Dr. Septapus

Dr. septapus.png

Other Names
Real Name: Unknown
1st appearance: Return to Spider-Skull Island
Super-Villain Prison


Dr. Septapus was a super-villain with six arms, two on each side and one in the front and back of his body. He eventually ended up in Super-Villain Prison along with The Monarch. He participated in the planning of an escape but was convinced by Phantom Limb to betray The Monarch. He was later shot in the chest and killed by Phantom Limb, his middle arm missing the bullet, in order to intimidate The Monarch before his wedding.


  • Dr. Otto Octavius from Marvel Comics
  • This is character is also possibly a reference to an episode of the animated TV show 'Home Movies'. In Ep. 4x03 (The Heart Smashers) 'Septapus' is a fictional 7 tentacled beast that can possess minds and serves as the plot device for a home movie created by the series' primary character, Brendon Small, who is voiced by actor and series co-creator Brendon Small. The supporting argument for this possibility is that Small has voiced numerous characters throughout the Venture Bros. series and also voiced the first speaking appearance of Sgt. Hatred in the same episode (2x12, Showdown at Cremation Creek (Part 1)) that Dr. Septapus was shot and killed by Phantom Limb. Notably, during the opening credit scene, Brendon Small is credited immediately following the death of Dr. Septapus' and White Noise, who is also voiced by Small. This cross-pollination of ideas between various Adult Swim programs also took place between Home Movies and Aqua Teen Hunger Force ("Don't Drink the Chocolate Milk!"), so it is definitely a possibility.

Episode Appearances[edit]