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The Venture Bros. episode
Dr. Quymn, Medicine Woman
Season 3
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Orig. Airdate July 6, 2008
Writer(s) Jackson Publick
Director Jackson Publick
Production # 3-31
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The Buddy System 32 What Goes Down, Must Come Up


Dr. Venture accidentally runs into his old friend Dr. Quymn in the Amazon Rain Forest and tries to put the moves on her. Meanwhile, Hank tries to impress Dr. Quymn's twin daughters, Nancy and Drew. Both girls want Dean, but he only wants to solve the mystery of the Wereodile, and Brock meets his match in Ginnie, Dr. Quymn's bodyguard.


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Deep in the Amazon Rain Forest, Dr. Venture has stolen a fertility idol from a tribe of headhunters, who quickly capture him. Luckily, by a strange twist of fate, his old playmate Dr. Quymn is with the tribe and saves him and nurses him back to health in her hut. When he becomes conscious, Dr. Quymn questions Rusty's need for the trinket, which is supposed to cure impotence. Rusty quickly covers himself and says that it's for his clients. Dr. Quymn's daughter, Nancy Quymn and Drew Quymn enter the hut and introduce themselves to Dr. Venture and are almost immediately followed by Dr. Quymn's bodyguard, Ginnie. Ginnie quickly establishes her dominance over Dr. Venture when she nearly crushes his hand with her own. Dr. Venture attempts to leave the hut and go about his business, but the Quymn family persuades him to stay awhile.

Meanwhile, Brock, Hank, and Dean have set up a boxing ring to try and train an orangutan named Clyde how to box. Hank is too busy trying to teach Clyde tricks while Dean attempts to fight him, and eventually Hank triggers Clyde into pummeling him. The Quymn family and Dr. Venture show up unexpectedly, and Ginnie assumes that Brock and the boys are running an illegal ape selling setup on the black market. Dr. Venture convinces Dr. Quymn and Ginnie that they found the ape in Thailand being mistreated and took him with them to reintroduce him into the wild. They "decide" that he's ready and set him free and load up in Ginnie's jeep.

Doc and Brock have a brief conversation on the hood of the jeep about distracting "Jimmy" (Ginnie) so that Dr. Venture can make a move on Dr. Quymn. Back inside the car, the boys get to know the Quymn twins a bit better and find out that they both go on adventures and solve mysteries. Ginnie pulls to a stop at a local village and the group investigates the damage done by the "Wereodile." The tribe blames the damage done and the wrath of the Wereodile on Dr. Venture's removal of their sacred fertility idol.

Later on that day, almost everyone back at the camp is stricken with love, as Dean and Hank argue about the Quymn twins, the Quymn twins bicker over Dean, Ginnie makes a move on Brock, and Dr. Venture begins his advance on Dr. Quymn as they spend the next morning together. While out in the forest, Dr. Quymn shows Dr. Venture the reason that she's come to the Amazon Rain Forest. A rare fruit called Solomon's Heart that only grows in that particular valley and only on trees that are at least 40-years-old. Dr. Venture takes the fruit as some sort of foreplay and forcibly kisses Dr. Quymn, who objects to the idea of making out and quickly suggest that the two of them go back to the camp. Dr. Quymn nimbly hops down from the giant tree and leaves Dr. Venture hanging (literally) upside down. Brock and the boys are nearby and hear a frightening howl in the distance, Brock snags the Doc and the boys scurry back to the camp.

Convinced that the Wereodile is out for blood that night, Ginnie orders everyone to go to their quarters, and works in shifts guarding the camp with Brock as the first lookout. Meanwhile, in Dr. Quymn's hut, Ginnie and Dr. Quymn argue over Dr. Venture becoming Dr. Quymn's new lab assistant. Dr. Quymn asks Ginnie to leave the tent, but Ginnie objects and marches out of the hut. All the while Dean investigates the mystery of the Wereodile. He goes to enlist the aid of Hank, who is busy writing a love song for the Quymn twins.

Elsewhere, Dr. Quymn has finally worked up enough courage to ask Dr. Venture into her hut, where she makes her advance on him. Then, over at Brock's post, Dean wanders up to ask for Brock's help in solving the mystery, but he is quickly let down when Ginnie arrives with a 6-pack of beer, he then promptly leaves. Ginnie follows suit immediately thereafter, and Dean goes to request Hank's help in setting up a trap for the Wereodile, but Hank disregards his brother and goes to a clearing that the twins told him to meet them. Dean is quickly apprehended by the twins and taken back to their hut where the emulate the actions of Dr. Venture and Dr. Quymn. Their "magic moment" is quickly ended by the shouting of Ginnie on the other side of the camp.

Back at Dr. Quymn's hut, Ginnie breaks in on the doctors and, driven by jealously, she commences to beat down Dr. Venture until Brock arrives to pull Ginnie away. Brock and Ginnie begin to fight and eventually knock over a lantern which sets the hut on fire. Dr. Quymn tries to break the fight up, but her epilepsy comes in and she begins to have a seizure. Astonished, Dean (who hops into the burning hut) accuses Dr. Quymn of being the Wereodile, which his father actually believes. Ginnie, noticing Dr. Quymn on the floor, breaks free of Brock's bind and scoops the doctor up and explains that she's just an epileptic.

Meanwhile, Hank (in the middle of the opening) runs from the Wereodile until he gets caught in a snare. The Wereodile closes in on Hank until Clyde leaps out of the bushes and saves Hank.

The next day, Hank becomes and honorary warrior (and is circumcised, much to his dismay), and the groups go their separate ways back home.

The closing scene shows the two Wereodiles (two local tribesmen in costumes) arguing. The first one says that he thought the Venture and Quymn parties would never leave, and demands to know where the second one was the previous night. The second Wereodile says he was down by the river smearing fake blood on things, and demands to know where the first was. The first says that he was getting his arse handed to him by an orangutan.

Fun Facts[edit]

  • The Quymn Girls are named Nancy and Drew, after the Nancy Drew book and film series. The titular character is a teenage girl who solves mysteries.
  • The episode title, "Dr. Quymn, Medicine Woman" references the CBS television series "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" about a woman doctor working in the American western frontier.
  • The scene where one of the girls takes her bra off and some paper falls out is a reference to a scene in Animal House at the toga party.
  • The plot of the episode parodies the movie "Medicine Man" in which a Dr. Robert Campbell goes the Amazon rain forest to research new medications.
  • Teaching a monkey named Clyde to box is a reference to the Clint Eastwood movie "Every Which Way But Loose".
  • Sammy Davis Jr. is present at Dr. Jonas Venture Sr.'s party.
  • Hank was already circumcised at the time of Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean but presumably regained his foreskin when he and Dean died in Return to Spider-Skull Island and were replaced by clones in Powerless in the Face of Death.
  • According to the episode commentary, the episode's original script was drastically different than the final version. The final version had it so that Rusty had not seen Dr. Quymn since childhood; in the original script, there were meant to be multiple flashbacks showing the two meeting up on rare occasions- once again as teenagers, and then lastly at Jonas Venture's funeral. The original script also more strongly implied that Doctor Venture and Doctor Quymn were half-siblings.
  • The guitar Hank is playing inside his tent closely resembles the guitar 'Frankenstrat' most commonly associated with guitarist Eddie Van Halen from the rock band 'Van Halen'.
  • When Rusty and Dr. Quymn are playing as children, and again when he wakes up in Doctor Quymn's bed, he says "Dr. Quymn, I presume?" a reference to British journalist H.M. Stanley's words, "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?"

Voice Cast[edit]

Voice Talent
James Urbaniak Dr. Venture / Rusty Venture
Patrick Warburton Brock Samson
Michael Sinterniklaas Dean Venture
Chris McCulloch Hank Venture
Col. Gentleman
Additional Voices
Nina Hellman Dr. Tara Quymn
Mz. Quymn
Nancy Quymn
Joanna Adler Virginia "Ginnie" Dunne
Drew Quymn
Paul Boocock Jonas Venture
Additional Voices