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Dr. Tara Quymn

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Thank you God
Other Names
Real Name: Dr. Tara Quymn
1st appearance: Home Is Where the Hate Is
Voice Artist: Nina Hellman


Dr. Tara Quymn was a scientist that was staying in the Amazon Rain Forest with her two daughters, Nancy and Drew, and their bodyguard, Ginnie.

She first appeared in The Guild book as one of the scientists The Monarch sees when he's picking his new arch.

When she was younger, Tara was Dr. Venture's playmate and would often go on imaginary adventures with him, Kano, and H.E.L.P.eR. in Rusty's basement, while her mother, Mz. Quymn, and stepfather Colonel Gentleman would party upstairs with the original Team Venture.

She traveled to the Rain Forest in search of Solomon's Heart, a rare fruit that only grows in a certain valley in the Amazon Rain Forest on trees that are at least 40 years old. Solomon's Heart can cure cancer, but its existence is being threatened so Dr. Quymn is trying to both protect them and study them as much as possible.

During her time away from Dr. Venture she has yearned for his embrace, even though she may be involved in a relationship with her bodyguard Ginnie. She denies Rusty at first, but quickly changes her mind and advances on him one night while he's in his tent. She brings him back to her hut and continues her advance until Ginnie bursts in and breaks them up. Ginnie attempts to beat down Dr. Venture, but Brock steps in a battles her until they accidentally set the hut on fire. As Brock and Ginnie fight, Dr. Quymn, an epileptic, has a seizure, which leads Dean and Dr. Venture to believe that she is the Wereodile. Ginnie breaks free of Brock's bind and explains the situation while everyone exits the still burning hut.

Dr. Quymn and her group leave the Rain Forest soon thereafter. Col. Gentlemen was later quoted as saying that them splitting ways broke her heart.

Incest Hypothesis[edit]

Immediately after the release of Dr. Quymn, Medicine Woman, fans began to speculate that Tara was actually Dr Venture's sister. The following is the current evidence from the episode used to support this hypothesis:

1. The affair between Dr. Venture's father and her mother.

2. Their extreme similarity in appearance.

3. The probability of twins being a genetic trait. Although, twins are not genetically linked with the father's line and the likelihood of conceiving twins is not affected by male genes at all but is influenced entirely by the mother.


  • Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider video game series, with her braided hair, English accent, midriff-baring top, and acrobatic moves
  • Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, from the TV show of the same name
  • Her name is also a homophone for "quim," which is British slang for a vagina.

Episode Appearances[edit]