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Dr. Entmann


"Let's have sex with the us-sized guy."
Other Names
Real Name: Paul Entmann
1st appearance: What Goes Down Must Come Up
Voice Artist: Stephen DeStefano
Team Venture
Venture Industries


Dr. Paul Entmann is a former colleague and teammate of Dr. Jonas Venture Sr.. He was a member of Team Venture under the code-name Humongoloid. After an incident at the compound, Entmann was left trapped in a room with the M.U.T.H.E.R. computer mainframe and him-sized ants for 30 years until Brock Samson finally, and accidentally, stumbled into the room. He was rescued by The Order of the Triad along with Brock from the room and brought back to the surface.

Entmann appears in a flashback in his gigantic Humongoloid form as a member of the original Team Venture. He had been left in this giant state after a botched experiment. The original Dr. Venture (possibly the cause of the gigantism) later attempted to shrink him down to ordinary size; the experiment ended up working, in Entmann's words, "a little too well."

According to the Action Man, Entmann was the first of Team Venture to die. He was apparently accidentally killed by the Action Man himself in his Boca Raton retirement community when the Action Man sat down in his rocking chair, only to discover that Entmann was underneath the chair. His funeral was presided over by the Action Man, Colonel Gentleman, and Dr. Rusty Venture, who (in keeping with Team Venture tradition) urinated on Entmann's grave to signify the end of life. Dean Venture was then called upon to defecate on the grave and fertilize the ground to signify the beginning of new life.


  • The name "Entmann" is most likely a play on Ant-Man, AKA Henry Pym, a Marvel Comics superhero with similar shrinking powers. Like Entmann's earlier incarnation as Humongoloid, Pym could also reverse his power to become the oh-so-imaginatively-named Giant-Man.
  • As Humongoloid, Entmann appears to be a reference to WWF wrestler Andre the Giant. In addition to the Humongoloid voice sounding similar to Andre, Humongoloid appears to suffer from chest pains referring to the heart condition Andre had due to his massive size. As Humongoloid, he also complained that his tongue was too big for his mouth, making it difficult to breathe. The cause of his change in sizes is believed to be the Venture Shrink Ray, which was also responsible for shrinking Sgt. Hatred's tongue and Master Billy Quizboy's lungs.

Episode Appearances[edit]