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Dr. Girlfriend

Dr. girlfriend.png

Other Names
Real Name: Sheila
Lady Au Pair
Queen Etherea
Dr. Fiancee
Dr. Mrs. The Monarch
1st appearance: The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay
Voice Artist: Doc Hammer
The Fluttering Horde, The Guild of Calamitous Intent


Dr. Girlfriend is best known for being the matriarch of The Fluttering Horde. She has a deep voice which is sometimes attributed to her smoking three packs of cigarettes a day since 1989-ish.

Sheila, like many other villains has also attended State University in Phantom Limb's class during Billy's investigation of the Guild with Brock Samson and Hunter Gathers.

Since joining the Guild Dr. Girlfriend has number 2'd for Phantom Limb, Truckules, and The Monarch. She was a long time "#2" for The Monarch as well as being his love kitten. Arguably the only thing that made sense in The Monarch's sad little world, she left him after one too many arguments about her past, spurred on by The Flight of the Monarch and the pictures within.

Afterwards she shacked up with Phantom Limb, an archvillain she had previously worked for. She relished her new found freedom with Phantom Limb, but still wasn't very happy. After some counseling with Dr. Henry Killinger she returned to the Monarch. There were however a few conditions. The first was that she would become full partners with The Monarch, no longer being his #2. The second is that he'd give up his vendetta against Dr. Venture, to which The Monarch reluctantly agrees. Their wedding was almost thrown off when the Henchmen drunkenly decide to capture the Venture Family as a wedding gift to The Monarch. The Monarch insists they're there for the wedding, Dr. Venture being his best man. The wedding was interrupted followed by some disastrous results, in Showdown at Cremation Creek Part 1 and Part 2.

Following Phantom Limb's betrayal the Guild granted her and the Monarch Duoship (A villain's equivalent of marriage).

Dr. Girlfriend enjoys pilates, snacking, knitting, and both the movie and book versions of Memoirs of a Geisha. She also favors the color purple for her undergarments. Her drink of choice is a vodka tonic.

Dr. Girlfriend also has been shown to have some kind of interest in the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. She is seen reading Nietzsche's book Beyond Good and Evil (1886) in the episode, "Are you there God, it's me Dean" right before she is interrupted by a rampaging Brock Samson.

Dr. Girlfriend and the Monarch are swingers. The Monarch watched her have sex with Manta Claus and the next morning she made him breakfast. Monarch had mentioned earlier that he thought he would be turned on by watching Dr. Girlfriend have sex with another man but it was twice the embarrassment.

Dr. Girlfriend was approached by The Soverign regarding a possible promotion to a member of the Council of 13, although she was interested, she said she would have to check with her husband first.


Sheila has used a number of different names and costumes throughout her career as a villainess.

Lady Au Pair[edit]

Before meeting The Monarch or Phantom Limb and her subsequent work with them, she was known as Lady Au Pair. With the help of her Murderous Moppets, she was a feared and respected member of the Guild of Calamitous Intent. She dressed in predominently purple with pink highlights and a wide brimmed hat with white flowers.

A moppet is a young child, and a mob of Murderous Moppets would be terrifying indeed. Lady Au Pair employed midgets in wigs and costuming, however, that were less intimidating, but were nonetheless "kind of hard to handle."

Lady Au Pair, along with her murderous moppets, made an appearance auditioning to be an arch for The Order of the Triad in the episode, Fallen Arches.

Presumably she was Lady Au Pair when she number 2'd for Truckules.

Queen Etherea[edit]

After joining up with Phantom Limb as his Number Two, she took up a new identity as Queen Etherea, with a transparent outfit to match Phantom Limb's transparent limbs. After she left Phantom Limb for The Monarch, Phantom Limb kept the outfit (which The Monarch had her out of within five minutes of meeting her). In The Trial of The Monarch, she went back to Phantom Limb and he pulled out the old outfit. It was encrusted with his "tears".

Dr. Girlfriend[edit]

After leaving Limb's employ, Sheila became Dr. Girlfriend, the "Number Two" for the Monarch. Sheila became Dr. Girlfriend while the Monarch was still beginning his career as an arch villain, which according to the timeline occurs before the Venture Brothers were born. This means Dr. Girlfriend has been "Number Two"-ing for the Monarch for almost twenty years before they are married. Dr. Girlfriend generally wears a costume consisting of a pink Jackie Kennedy style dress and matching pillbox hat (though she is apparently unaware of this similarity). She continues wearing this costume briefly after becoming Dr. Mrs. The Monarch until she designs her new more thematically appropriate Butterfly costume.

Dr. Mrs. The Monarch[edit]

After marrying the Monarch, Sheila took on the name of Dr. Mrs. The Monarch to symbolize their spousal and arch-villainy unions. The outfit is thematically similar to the Monarch's with the addition of some sexy touches. Soon afterward the Moppets were garbed in their own butterfly themed outfits becoming The Pupae Twins. Her name after marriage seems to be in a state of flux as she is sometimes referred to as Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, Dr. Girlfriend, and Queen Butterfly. (and ma'am by the Moppets, which in their accents comes out as 'mum')

Episode Appearances[edit]

Fun Facts[edit]

Her deep voice is an impression of screen legend Tony Curtis. (And not a further reference to Jackie Onassis, as some have factlessly theorized.). (edit - Actually, Jackie-O's voice was very high and girly, if anything Dr. Girlfriend's voice is exactly the opposite of Jackie-O's voice). (further edit - here's an interview with her)

The outfit Dr. Girlfriend wore during the pilot episode bears clear, almost disturbing resemblance to the outfit worn by Jackie Kennedy, wife of John F. Kennedy, on the day of his assassination.

During the pilot, Dr. Girlfriend can be seen to have a clear Adams Apple. This was stated to be an animation mistake due to her deep voice and was removed from the first episode. However, medically speaking, she actually should have one. It is a myth that only men have Adams Apples, women have them as well, they are simply not prominent enough to be visible through the skin on most women because they form when the voice does during puberty and are directly proportional to the pitch and tone of one's voice. Most women do not have a deep enough voice to have a prominent Adams Apple, however with the deepness of Dr. Girlfriend's voice, hers actually should be quite visible.