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Jonas Venture

Jonas sr.png

Other Names
Real Name: Jonas Venture
Jonas Venture, Sr., The Father, Fandragon
1st appearance: Careers in Science
Voice Artist: Paul Boocock
Venture Family
Venture Industries


Jonas Venture is the father of Rusty Venture and Jonas Venture Jr. He was a brilliant superscientist who was also the founder of the original Team Venture. Jonas is primarily modeled upon Benton Quest, though Silver Age comics figures like Nathaniel and Reed Richards, as well as film heroes Indiana Jones and James Bond, could be cited as additional sources for the character, all ultimately deriving from the pulp magazine scientist-adventurer Doc Savage to some degree. In the episode Orb, it is suggested that he was killed by Kano to prevent him from activating the Orb; as a result Kano has subjected himself to silence ever since. However, the Orb has been useless ever since Sandow broke it in the early 1900s, and Kano was silent before Jonas died.

Perception versus reality[edit]

Most of what is known about Jonas Venture is revealed to the audience by his son's drug (and absorbed fetus)-induced hallucinations and what amounts to hero worship by the current generation of super-scientists, costumed adventurers and even villains. There is no shortage of material evidence attesting that Jonas was the premier super-scientist of his day, having invented human cloning, a nuclear-powered supersonic jet aircraft, a shrink ray and a self-sustaining orbital colony. Furthermore, Jonas Venture was instrumental in the negotiations between the Guild of Calamitous Intent and the general community of heroic adventurers that ensured the safe and honorable treatment of prisoners.

Relationship with Rusty[edit]

Although presenting an aura of perfection and supreme masculinity, Rusty's flashbacks to his childhood suggest Jonas was actually a demanding and emotionally-distant father who alternated between exposing his son to extreme (and often unncessary) danger on self-aggrandizing adventures and mostly ignoring him while at home; for example, the "sleep learning beds" used by Hank and Dean were invented by Jonas in order to avoid having to actually interact with his son in a domestic context. At various points, Rusty also recalls painful memories such as a key party at his house in which his father and his "date" ended up drunkenly crushing him while playing in a makeshift cardboard box "fort", being forced to kill Half Jackal while propped on Kano's shoulders in order to save his father's life, and being awoken by the Action Man clicking the empty chamber of a pistol against his forehead and muttering "Not today, Rusty." He also recalls seeing his father blithely exposing his unusually large penis at the breakfast table (although this may be a metaphorical recollection of Jonas' overbearing masculinity). At some point in Rusty's childhood, Jonas apparently recognized some of these issues and agreed to participate in therapy sessions but acted as Rusty's counselor, although he would let Rusty start to talk and then sneak out of the room, only sneaking back in near the end of the session in time to dismiss his son's problems as ingratitude for all the adventures and opportunities Jonas had taken him on.

Evidence of this "science first, people second" attitude was shown in the episode What Goes Down Must Come Up. After M.U.T.H.E.R flooded the underground bunker with mood enhancing drugs and everyone goes onto a fear-induced hallucinations, Dr Venture rescues his team and then seals the visiting children within the bunker and makes no attempt to retrieve them at a future date.

Physical appearance[edit]

Jonas Venture is clearly symbolic of the failed promise of the Baby Boom generation when compared to their heroic forebears of the World War II generation, and this metaphor is communicated visually. In contrast to his much less accomplished firstborn son, he is taller, athletically built, has a full head of hair and better posture. Jonas is most often seen in a three-piece pinstriped suit under a lab coat or in his adventurer's gear, once again contrasted with Rusty's adherence to his "Speed-Suit" and cabana wear. Jonas Jr. more closely resembles his father than does Rusty, albeit being under 3 feet in height and having a deformed (later mechanical) arm.


  • Dr. Benton Quest from Jonny Quest
  • Indiana Jones
  • James Bond
  • Doc Savage

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