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Dr. Dugong


"I have a tank full of gentle cuttlefish."
Other Names
Real Name: Dr. Douglas Ong
Dr. Manatee
Dr. Sea Cow
1st appearance: Home Is Where the Hate Is
Voice Artist: Chris McCulloch


Dr. Douglas Ong was a super-scientist who was briefly arched by the Monarch. Once a medical researcher with his brother, Chester Ong, the two brothers were searching for a cure for cancer using cuttlefish DNA in the 1980s when an accident left them both horribly mutated. Now chemically fused with the gentle sea cow called the dugong, and confined to a wheelchair, Dr. Ong was henceforth known as Dr. Dugong, and conducted his nautically-themed super-science experiments in an underwater research facility in a desperate search for "the secrets of love and caring". His lair's only apparent defense system was a leftover prop from Styx's Mr. Roboto video, although he claimed to have other tricks up his sleeve. His approach to solving mankind's ills is perhaps best described in his own words:

Man seeks a good time, but he is not a hedonist. He seeks love, he just doesn't know where to look! He looks under the beds of whores and in the hot stem of a crack pipe, but he should look to nature! Gentle aquatic mammals have all the answers!

The Monarch was skeptical that Dr. Dugong's appearance was truly caused by super-science, believing that he was either wearing a costume or riddled with birth defects. Dr. Mrs. The Monarch apparently shared his skepticism, describing Dugong as "a fucking cripple that thinks he's half a sea cow."


The Guild of Calamitous Intent appointed the Monarch as Dr. Dugong's arch, but the Monarch, still obsessed with his previous arch, Dr. Venture, accepted his new arch half-heartedly, describing Dugong as a "weenis." On the first day of his new assignment, the Monarch simply murdered Dr. Dugong with a death-ray instead of stealing his tank full of gentle cuttlefish. This action may yet have consequences for the Monarch, as his brother, now a level 10 supervillain known as Wide Wale, leader of the New York branch of the Guild, and member of the Council of 13, seems to hold a grudge against him.

Episode Appearances[edit]