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Dr. Orpheus


The Mighty Dr. Orpheus!
Other Names
Real Name: Byron Orpheus
1st appearance: Eeney, Meeney, Miney ...Magic!
Voice Artist: Steven Rattazzi
The Order of the Triad


Necromancer extraordinaire Dr. Byron Orpheus has the tendency to speak in an overly dramatic and loud tone, often at inappropriate times and usually accompanied by dramatic music. Currently living in back of the Venture Compound, in the old Advanced Arachnid Research Lab, along with his daughter, Triana. His title of 'Doctor', appears to be legitimate, though his PhD appears to be in Communications with a minor in Women's Studies. He does, however, claim that his title comes from a higher power. He is also slightly a smart aleck and Know it all.

In Powerless in the Face of Death, Orpheus states that his clients (whom he has resurrected) include David Blaine, Evel Knievel, and Ronald Reagan (until his check bounced.) he also is shown not to enjoy or have a want to resurrect the boys after he accidentally killed them and thinks he hears their souls calling out when he falls through the celling.

Dr. Orpheus has shown the desire for an archenemy. During "Tag-Sale -- You're it!", he insulted villains (including the monarch and Dr. Girlfriend) while handing them his business cards.

In Escape to the House of Mummies Part II, he has a gentleman's bet with Dr. Venture that he could shrink himself better with magic than Dr. Venture could using science. It ended up with neither succeeding in the challenge. Not knowing that Dr. Venture's shrink ray failed to function properly, Orpheus conceded the contest upon the realization that it was a petty dispute and he "couldn't make himself any smaller," metaphorically speaking. This subtlety was lost on Dr. Venture. It was also revealed that he turned Triana's closet into a portal to "the Necropolis." The Necropolis is the city of the dead, not Hell, and is also the realm that his Master resides in. His magical prowess is top notch, with his powers including creating fireballs, teleportation, astral projection, lethal energy blasts, telekinesis, lightning projection, mind control, mind reading, flight, shrinking, making his opponent's body parts vanish, and of course, raising the dead. In spite of his imposing appearance and devotion to the occult, Orpheus is perhaps the most conventional and devoted parental figure on the show. There is some suggestion in Operation: P.R.O.M. that he is a vegetarian (not vegan, as he makes his "famous fritatas" an egg dish) .

Dr. Orpheus was present at the Venture Compound when the Monarch lit it on fire. He was unable to curtail the flames even with the assistance of Sergeant Hatred and the Triad and was forced to watch it burn to the ground. At great personal risk to himself he managed to save a stuffed giraffe of Dean's from the fire, knowing that it held personal significance to him.

Dr. Orpheus is a member of the super-team, The Order of the Triad with The Alchemist and Jefferson Twilight (and as of season 4 episode 7 The Better Man, Master Billy Quizboy).

His name is likely a reference to the Orpheus of greek mythology.Orpheus was a musician who had to descend to the underworld to save his true love Eurydice. This is fitting considering that Orpheus is a necromancer. It is also a pun on the insult "Dr. Obvious," referring to his over-the-top and theatrical nature. His first name is likely a reference to Lord Byron, a British poet.

In many interviews and commentary tracks, the creative team behind the show; Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer, have stated emphatically that Dr. Orpheus is their homage to the Marvel Comics character, the sorcerer Doctor Strange. He also has a striking resemblance to Ra's Al Ghul (Batman villain)

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