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Doc Hammer holding removeable Mini Go-Bot, dressed to look like Henchman 21. What this has to do with Venture Bros. dolls is debateable.

Three dolls have come into existance via the continued fannish efforts of Hazelfo. Her sweaty fan-hands are now pinpricked and callousy. Her achievements have never been bumped by Adult Swim.

The Main Event(s)[edit]

21 and 24 hugging awkwardly for the camera. LOOK OUT, GIANT HAND!
  • The Henchman 21 doll. A little chubby, a little shoddy. Currently being cradled in the slim, girlish hands of Doc Hammer. (Doll and hands pictured.)
  • The Henchman 24 doll. Wiggly, waggly, weak. Currently being dangled just out of reach from Jackson Publick's dogs.
  • The Monarch doll. A veritable behemoth of backed-up sewing machine thread and too much stuffing. Was on display at the mighty People's Republic of Venture table at Dragon*Con, but is now loafing around DRD2001's house.
  • The Doc doll. A doll moreso made from obsessive love than overpriced specialty items.

Great Undertakings[edit]

The Monarch doll, simultaneously dwarfing and slouching in the chair.

The Monarch doll was constructed specifically for the PRoV fan-table at Dragon*Con 2006, at the request of DRD2001. Its outer shell was constructed of a single sheet of zinc and it is held together by superheated resin and thread from a jet-fuel-powered sewing machine. Its filling is not the polyester/cotton blend we so love of our tee-shirts, but rather hopes and dreams spun into stuffing via a very large cotton candy machine. Holding this doll will instill great feelings of joy and happiness, not unlike a puppy or a new bicycle, but only if your heart is pure and your hands are clean.

This was Hazelfo's first attempt at making a metal-and-feelings doll. Her previous dolls were made of fabric, no matter how similar they may look in color and style.

To create your own Monarch Doll, one only needs the following materials:

  • A single sheet of zinc, measuring 6' by 9'.
  • Superheated resin (the expensive kind.)
  • A high-octane fuel-guzzling sewing machine.
  • Elbow grease (the expensive kind!)
  • Very bright paint.
  • A very large needle, not unlike the kind needed to create your own flesh pocket.

If one wishes to purchase a pattern, one may contact Hazelfo and the price may be negotiated at $2.99 a minute.

Enduring Fandom[edit]

Docdoll, the product of many months.

After spending seven months sleeping on straightpins, Docdoll emerged as Hazelfo's most ambitious doll to date. Thousands of dollars in expensive dollmaking materials combined with Hazelfo's Korean child-like sewing skills with the thunderous sound of a sewing machine grinding its own gears from being stuffed with tangled thread, as well as the sound of breaking needles (at least four.) The lost art of embroidery was conjured to lend its unique and grandmotherly touch to help recreate (in doll form) the needle-kissed arms of Doc Hammer.

Currently it is being held in the loving, albeit red and callousy hands of Hazelfo, although it has been seen at some high-class slumber parties in SoHo. It also smells like hair gel and cigarettes, the former being a sad and unexplainable fact. It tends to stare at the sleeping forms of young ladies from the corner of the room.

Sadly, it has yet to spring to life.