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Doc Hammer

Doc Hammer Dragoncon 2007.jpg

Birthdate: Feb 2, 1976
Notable Characters
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Billy Quizboy
Shore Leave
Dermott Fictel
Red Mantle
Kevin Moppet
The Outrider


Doctor Hammer (Eric Hammer) is half of the super-fun team that runs Astrobase Go!.

It is rumored that he can control the weather, and does so in the Astrobase with great pleasure. He was at some point married to Triana Orpheus but this arrangement has since been dissolved. In a general survey, five out of eight fangirls reported "they would hit it", two declined to answer on the grounds they were already committed to a non-Astrobaser, and one was not paying attention when the question was asked. Doc is also well known for his paintings, his cigarette and coffee consumption, and his bordering-on-amazing well of energy, which he expends on funny cartoons and oil-based paintings of women in lingerie. He is a big fan of artist Andrew Wyeth.

He appeared briefly as a Venture-ised version of himself in the jury during the episode, The Trial of the Monarch. Seated next to him is a Venture-ised Jackson Publick.

Doc Hammer has recently joined forces with Fred Macaraeg, Alex Malfunction, and Bill Kovalcik to form the band Weep. They've released their first CD, Never Ever. Hammer was previously involved with 90's goth band Mors Syphilitica, with his former wife.

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