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Diamond Backdraft

Diamond Backdraft.jpg

"Dude, you call him, I think he still hates me for finger-banging Teresa."
Other Names
Real Name: Unknown
1st appearance: SPHINX Rising
Voice Artist: Larry Murphy


Diamond Backdraft, "lord of the legless beasts and keeper of their fire form," was a member of SPHINX before they were defeated by the OSI in the Pyramid Wars. In combat, he used to wield two golden, handheld flamethrowers. In the decades following the fall of SPHINX, he became a basement-dwelling shut-in who owned way, way more snakes than is advisable. He apparently bears many scars from his old days fighting for SPHINX; his left arm has been replaced with a golden, cybernetic prosthesis, he's missing three fingers on his right hand, and his body is covered with red splotches that may be self-inflicted burn scars. Additionally, SPHINX had implanted a cyanide chip in his brain to ensure his loyalty; although SPHINX was no more, all ex-SPHINX agents knew that one day, their chips would inevitably fail, killing them.

While browsing websites on his ancient basement computer, Diamond Backdraft discovered a recruitment ad for the latest incarnation of SPHINX had been posted on Guildslist. He contacted fellow ex-SPHINX agent Wind Song, whom he asked to contact their old boss, SPHINX Commander, and the three plotted to retake their old organization and mount a suicidal attack on their old enemies, the OSI, rather than face undignified deaths upon the inevitable failure of their cranial cyanide chips.

Diamond Backdraft was easily incapacitated by Shore Leave, and was taken into custody by the OSI after Brock Samson killed SPHINX Commander with a brutal crossbow bolt to the face.