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Selected Quotes for The Venture Bros. Episode,

Dia de Los Dangerous

Dr. Venture: So you see, by applying the basic principles of the scientific method to the matter, we learn very quickly that the myth of the Chupacabra is just that, utter crap. Now, if you apply the same principles to Catholicism, an interesting thing occurs...

The Monarch: Now Venture'll send Samson after the rest of us and he'll go totally sickhouse on our asses. I like my ass, gentlemen

University Administrator: It is difficult to hold the student's attention during Dia De Los Muertos.
Dr. Venture: Oh, right. The crazy dead people Christmas you people celebrate. What, is that suppose to be today?
University Administrator: Ah, si.
Dr. Venture: Oh great. Fantastic of you to tell me that before I came all the way down here.

University Administrator: Ah, the monarch butterfly. They migrate here to Mexico this time of year. The Aztecs believe they were the spirits of the dead returning home.
Dean: Wow, but your full of helpful information, fella.
Hank: And how! Say, its not poisonous is it?
University Administrator: I... your kidding, right? No, it is not poisonous.

Dr. Venture (squashing the butterfly): Horrible disease carrying thing.
Dean: But that might have been someone's spirit, Pop.
Dr. Venture: All the more reason to get it the hell off me.

Hank: Monarch was going all Creepy Uncle on us.

Dr. Venture: Oh yeah? What would you prescribe for...Alexander Hamilton?
Dr. Guevara: Not much.
Dr. Venture: Then how about...President Benjamin Franklin?

Brock Samson: They hit me with a truck!