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The Many Deaths of The Venture Brothers[edit]

Image Brothers Involved Description
Death 1.png Hank & Dean Being sucked into the jet engines of the X-1.
Death 2.png Hank & Dean Attacked by a giant spider/robot/crab as they slept.
Death 3.png Hank & Dean Attempting to smoke cigarettes near gas canisters.
Death 4.png Hank & Dean Shooting apples off each others heads with bow n arrows.
Death 5.png Hank & Dean Decapitated by clothesline while riding their Hover Bikes.
Death 6.png Hank & Dean Attacked by a werewolf Dr. Venture.
Death 7.png Hank Attempting to fly off the roof of the Venture Compound with an umbrella, dressed as "The Bat".
Death 8.png Hank & Dean Attacked by a giant robot as they slept.
Death 9.png Dean Tripped while running with safety scissors.
Death 10.png Hank While playing football, crushed by a falling satellite.
Death 11.png Hank & Dean Poisoned to death by a gas leak while they slept.
Death 12.png Hank & Dean Fell into a pit of spikes after the floor opened up on them.
Death 13.png Hank & Dean Burned to death after Dr. Venture spilled coffee on their beds setting them on fire.
Death 14.png Hank & Dean Accidentally shot by 21 while riding their Hover Bikes causing them to crash.
LosMuertos.png Hank & Dean Beaten to death by The Groovy Gang.
Thesevens.png Hank & Dean Stranded inside Dr. Venture. Brock calls these "The Sevens".