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David Bowie


Make way for Homo Superior!
Other Names
Real Name: David Robert Hayward Jones
The Sovereign
1st appearance: Showdown at Cremation Creek (Part 1)
Voice Artist: James Urbaniak


David Bowie was a British musician, songwriter and sometime actor known for his innovation and influence in rock music, especially during the 1970s. He was also well known for being a musical chameleon of sorts, often changing his styles and personae. Notable mention to this is Major Tom, and his crashed space ship a reference to "Space oddity".

The first mention of Bowie being part of the Venture Universe is when it is revealed that he hired Molotov Cocktease to recover the panda he lost to Mr. Brisby in a trivia contest in the 80's.

Bowie shows up as a guest to the Monarch's wedding, with his feral underlings Klaus Nomi and Iggy Pop. When he meets up with Brock Samson at the wedding, it is clear there is some bad blood between the two, as Brock could barely restrain his anger, citing an incident in Berlin. It's unlikely Brock means Bowie's Berlin trilogy, and speculation may lead us to believe the incident related to Bowie's unclear association with Molotov.

When the wedding is crashed by Phantom Limb, it is revealed the Bowie is the current leader of The Guild of Calamitous Intent, known as The Sovereign. He barely escapes assassination attempts by Klaus and Iggy.

Bowie turns back a second coup attempt by Limb with the help of the Venture clan.

It's shown that Bowie has the ability to shift shape and become any size or shape he wishes. Forms seen on screen include an eagle, a pack of cigarettes, Iggy, Dr. Girlfriend, a version of Dr. Venture from the future, and very briefly during his fight with Limb, Klaus and Brock.

In O.S.I. Love You, it is revealed by Monstroso that the Sovereign may not be Bowie, but a shape shifter who met Bowie and uses his form. This shape shifter is said to be the creature on the cover of the album Diamond Dogs, and perhaps the woman on the cover of Pin Ups.

All This and Gargantua-2[edit]

The machinations of The Investors and the OSI investigation into the Guild finally made the Sovereign snap. He covertly contacted Phantom Limb and coerced him into betraying the Revenge Society (now led by Dr. Killinger) and allowing them to attack Gargantua-2, promising him seats on the Council of 13 and knowing that the Investors, who The Sovereign could no longer tolerate, could be taken out onboard in the attack. But as Gargantua-2 was protected under Guild/OSI treaties The Sovereign began assassinating Council of 13 members. When they too proved reluctant to attack Gargantua-2 as well, the Sovereign attempted to gas them to death in the Council chamber. Later, when a wounded Dr. Mrs. The Monarch confronted him, he revealed that he is in fact just a nameless shapeshifter and not actually David Bowie. The Sovereign set a self-destruct sequence on the Guild headquarters (hoping to take out the OSI forces he knew Dr. Z, Red Mantle, and Dragoon had sent to him) and left her for dead, expressing no remorse for his actions and shifting into an eagle. Unfortunately, when Guild HQ did self-destruct the force of the blast caused Headshot to accidentally fire a shot into the air, causing an eagle to fall dead into the water.

Episode Appearances[edit]