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These are the distinctive silhouettes of the Council members, ordered approximately as their screens are displayed in the Chamber Sub Rosa, although their positioning sometimes shifts, even within the same scene. It is speculated that the councilmen's numbering runs counter-clockwise around the room, starting from the silhouette with the antenna helmet, which fits with the known numbers of councilmen in most, though far from all, views of the screen layout.

According to the Season 2 commentary, the majority of the silhouettes are recycled character designs with added hats, hoods, spikes or horns. As such, not all the council members are necessarily completely fleshed out characters, and resemblance to other characters may be due to the recycled designs, and not because those characters are members of the council.

# Silhouette Face Identity Replacement
1 CouncilmanAntenna.jpg Vendata.png Vendata

Dr. Mrs. The Monarch

2 Councilman02.jpg Wild fop council.png
Wild Fop
3 Councilman03.jpg RedMantleOnScreen.jpg Red Mantle
4 Councilman-2.jpg Boggles.png Boggles The Clue Clown (deceased) Dr. Phineas Phage
5 Councilman-14.jpg DrZRedesign.jpg
Dr. Z
6 CouncilmanCowboy.jpg Monseñor.png
7 Councilman-1.jpg Don Hell.png Don Hell
8 Councilman08.jpg DragoonOnScreen.jpg Dragoon
9 CouncilmanWings.jpg Steppenwolf.png Steppenwolf
10 CouncilmanSamurai.jpg Unnamed Council member.png (Unnamed Bug Samurai)
11 Councilman-6.jpg Spidergirl.png Mommy Longlegs
12 Councilman-4.jpg The Nerve.png The Nerve
13 Sovereign.jpg Dbow.jpg The Sovereign
(As revealed in Bright Lights, Dean City.)

O.S.I.'s process of elimination[edit]

O.S.I has put together a board with the silhouettes of the council of 13 in the hopes of deducing which silhouette corresponds with a known villain.

The first row from left to right represents councilmen 1-4 as 1-3 match the 3 councilmen we know have those numbers and possess those silhouettes. The picture for the 4th Councilman was no longer needed as the O.S.I. had learned Councilman 4 was Boggles the Clue Clown and he was dead. The second row presumably represents councilman 5-8 and Dragoon whose silhouette is represented is indeed councilman 8. The third row presumably represents councilman 9-12. We know from the credits that the female member is Councilwoman 11 which matches where her silhouette is located on the board. The David Bowie shapeshifter the Sovereign is presumably the 13th member.

Council of 13 board.png

New Council of 13[edit]

Following the Gargantua-2 incident, the deaths of half the Council and the Sovereign, Dr. Henry Killinger established a new Council of 13 and their new base on Meteor Majuere. He then left the New Council to its own devices and to choose the rest of its members.

# Identity
1 Dr. Mrs. The Monarch
Phantom Limb
Red Mantle & Dragoon
Dr. Z
Radical Left
Wide Wale
Dr. Phineas Phage