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Other Names
Real Name: Unknown
1st appearance: Faking Miracles
Voice Artist: Toby Huss


A New York-based supervillain with the ability to produce duplicates of himself. He is smooth and womanizing, with no concern for the marital status of the objects of his interest. He attempts to seduce Dr. Mrs. the Monarch at Wide Wale's party and uses his powers along with the Monarch's stolen costume to frame him for illegally arching Dr. Venture. Despite failing in his seduction, he succeeds in increasing the rift between her and the Monarch.

Personality and Abilities[edit]

Copy-Cat is confident and charming, though this can be interpreted as him being smug and insincere. He has a habit of addressing people by affectionate nicknames. Copy-Cat has the superhuman ability to create duplicates of himself. This includes any clothing or equipment that he may have on his person.

Copy-Cat also claimed to have the ability to be "in the right place at the right time", though this may only be coincidence.

Episode Appearances[edit]


  • He is a parody of Multiple Man and Dean Martin.


<gallery widths="140" captionalign="left"> File:CopyCatPower.jpg|Dressing as The Monarch and using his powers. File:CopyCatsBedroom.jpg|Copy-Cat's Bedroom.