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Colonel Gentleman

Col gentleman.png

"Colonel Horace Gentleman, RAF, MI5, etc, retired"
Other Names
Real Name: Horace Gentleman
1st appearance: Ghosts of the Sargasso
Voice Artist: Christopher McCulloch
Team Venture


Col. Horace Gentleman was a member of Jonas Venture's original Team Venture. According to his own credentials, Horace was a former member of the Royal Air Force and MI-5 before joining the team. The original roster also included Otto Aquarius, Kano, The Action Man and Major Tom. Major Tom died for the sake of science (and David Bowie lyrics) in a plane crash seen in Ghosts of the Sargasso. Sometime after that the team split and went their separate paths, possibly after Jonas Venture's death. He was also, and may still be, married to Mz. Quymn.

When Mike Sorayama kidnapped Dr. Venture and his friends in Past Tense, Dean reunited Col. Gentleman with the rest of the team to serve as a rescue party. Hank and Dean contacted the Colonel at his loft in Tangier, Morocco where he was living with his boyservant, Kiki. The reunited Team Venture partly succeed in getting into Sorayama's lair before being severely beaten by a berserk Brock Samson.

In Twenty Years to Midnight, the boys seek the Colonel's help in finding one of Jonas' inventions. Dean finds the Colonel's "dead" in his bed. Presumably the old man died of natural causes, but left behind an unnatural journal full of intriguing on topics such as Toys Colonel Gentleman Wishes He Had When He Was a Lad but They Weren't Invented Yet, "Col. Gentleman's Good Names for an Imaginary Friend." and " Col. Gentleman's Hollywood Actresses Who Need a Smack in the Mouth." He has also written some Memoirs since we last saw him.

Colonel returns in Now Museum - Now You Don't! just as Dr. Venture had begun making comments about his supposed "death" and swiftly punches Venture in the face and says "That's for breaking my step-daughter's heart!" He then goes and reveals that the boys didn't find him dead. He and Kiki had had their worst fight ever and Kiki left Gentleman, who was sure that he was gone for good. So he buried his grief in an entire box of Mallomars with a Yoohoo chaser, which caused him to slip into a diabetic coma. However, Kiki soon returned and gave him his insulin, which revived him.

He was only confirmed as gay in the season 3 episode Now Museum - Now You Don't! when he spoke about how Kiki gave him a 'work out' to burn off his junk-food induced man-boobs. And then later when he handed out copies of his memoirs, "Gentlemen Prefer Gentleman," to his former team-mates who discovered he had slept with several of their former super-villain enemies.

Apparently contrary to this openly gay action, in the episode Twenty Years to Midnight he wrote in his diary how "the bitches were in rare form," though gay men often refer to one another as "bitches." He was also married to Mz. Quymn and had a stepdaughter, Tara Quymn ("Dr. Quymn, Medicine Woman"). This might be because he wasn't out of the closet at the time, or he is possibly bisexual. Though it may not be confirmed on-screen, in the season 2 commentary with Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick, they explained that they viewed him as being "beyond sexuality," neither gay nor straight nor even bisexual, but "omnisexual."

The Colonel bears a striking visual and vocal resemblance to the Hollywood actor Sean Connery. This is likely not a coincidence, unless you ask the Astrobase Go! lawyers who will tell you that it clearly is. He is also an amalgamation of James Bond and Allen Quatermain from THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN, both of whom were played by Sean Connery at one time in his career. His Algiers home-base and polymorphous perversity seems inspired by writer William S. Burroughs.

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