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Oxygen sets him on FIRE!
Other Names
Real Name: Cody
1st appearance: Ice Station -- Impossible!
Voice Artist: Chris McCulloch
Impossible Industries


Cody is Sally Impossible's brother. A few years ago while visiting his sister at Impossible Industries, one of Professor Impossible's inventions malfunctioned causing an unnatural mutation within Cody. Now whenever he comes into contact with oxygen his body is set a flame. To keep him from being in constant pain, he must remain in a hibernating stasis at all times.

Though his fiery mutation does not appear to do any physical damage to his body, he is still able to feel an immense level of pain. Professor Impossible uses him (against his will) to generate the power at Impossible Industries headquarters at Impossible Plaza.


  • Johnny Storm, aka The Human Torch from the Fantastic Four

Episode Appearances[edit]