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Other Names
Real Name: Unknown
1st appearance: Home Insecurity
Voice Artist: James Urbaniak
The Ünderground


minion of Baron Underbheit. He has a cat's head instead of eyes and a cat's tail attached to the back of his head in the appearance of a ponytail. His name is a combination of Cat and Cyclops and his appearance reflects this. He, Girl Hitler and Manic 8-Ball were believed by Underbheit to be traitors to Underland and subjected to a Tiger Bomb.

It was later revealed that Catclops was still alive and the leader of the Ünderground resistance fighting against Underbheit. Upon his reappearance after escaping from the Tiger Bomb, his cat head ironically sported an eye-patch. Presumably this injury was sustained either during his escape or during his subsequent resistance activity. After Catclops joined the resistance, his cat head was shown smoking with a small cigarette in its mouth.

After removing Underbheit from power he became engaged to Girl-Hitler and presumably later became the First-Gentleman to the president of Underland. Catclop's response to Girl-Hitler's election as President was somewhat reserved, and his tone of voice implied that he may have been jealous that she was selected over him.

"Cat clops" is another term for clumped cat feces in a litter box.

Episode Appearances[edit]