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Selected Quotes for The Venture Bros. Episode,

Careers in Science

Dean: It's on.
Hank: It's off.
Dean: It's on.
Hank: It's off.
Dean: It's on.
Hank: It's off.
Dean: It's on.
Hank: Off.
Dean: It's on.
Hank: It's Off.
Dean: It's on.
Hank: Off.
Dean: It's on.
Rusty: That's called blinking, boys.
-Rusty flips a switch.-
Rusty: Anything?
Hank: Now it's just regular on.

Bud Manstrong: So, h-how was he?
Anna Baldavitch: How was who?
Manstrong: Aw c'mon, I shook his hand, it's all fat and stubby. He must have like a huge mushroom down there. So...does he have a smurf living in it or what?
Baldavitch: What's got into you?
Manstrong: Got into me? I know what got into you and that's what got into me.
Baldavitch: You don't deserve to be jealous, I gave you every chance in the world.
Manstrong: I'm not jealous, I'm pissed! You said you were going to wait 'till...
Baldavitch: No, you said we were going to wait. I... I don't have to take this.
Manstrong: That's because you already took it... in the... lap... from.... not me!

Dr. Venture: A problem light! Wow Dad, what a super idea! You should always put one of those on the 9th wonder of the world!

Dr. Venture: Ta-da! I fixed it!
Hank & Dean: Dad!
Hank: We thought you were dead!
Dean: You're alive! (both boys run and hug him)
Dr. Venture: Okay, boys.. let's take it easy..
Hank: See, crybaby? Told you he was alive!
Dean: Oh, man! What is it like to be such a huge liar, huh? "I'm all super-scared of Phantom Space-Man!"
Hank: Oh, that's it, bookworm! (the boys begin wrestling)
Dr. Venture: (spotting the clean spacesuit) Oh, fantastic! I'll just slip into this little number and we can get outta here. No need to say goodbye, I'll let them thank me later

Hank: That's it Brock, pace yourself! Conserve your energy.
Dean: What the- what's he doing with his-
Hank: Think about it, bro. What other weapon does he have? He needs his hands free for... stuff.
Dean: Uh oh, phantom spaceman somehow got on top! That's it Brock-o, shake him off!
Hank & Dean: Yeah!
Hank: He's got him on his knees! It's just a matter of time now!
Dean: Brock's just toying with him.
Hank: Ohh! Pretzel bender! Brock's gotta teach me that one... Phantom spaceman got his helmet knocked off! Oh my god, he's hideous! Must have been deformed by space rays...
Dean: Look again, Hank! That's not a phantom spaceman, that's Lieutenant Baldavich!