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The Venture Bros. episode
Careers in Science
Season 1
Careers in Science1.jpg
Orig. Airdate August 14, 2004
Writer(s) Doc Hammer
Story by
Ben Edlund
Doc Hammer
Director Jackson Publick
Production # 1-02
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Dia de los Dangerous 2 Home Insecurity


When the enormous space station Gargantua-1 begins to have problems, Rusty is the one who'll have to fix it. Unfortunately for Gargantua-1's two-person crew, the inept scientist will be bringing his body guard, his twin sons and their helpful robot along. They'll all have to deal with past mistakes, lustful yearnings, blinking lights and the legend of a phantom spaceman, Phantom Spaceman!


Dr. Venture is called to Gargantua-1, a space station built by Jonas Venture during the 70s, in order to fix a malfunction. As Hank and Dean bicker in the backseat, Brock pilots their shuttle to dock with the space station. After a sexy docking sequence the Venture crew meets the Gargantua-1 crew, consisting of only Col. Bud Manstrong and Lt. Anna Baldavitch, a woman whose face makes clocks stop. Despite being the only two people on the spacestation for the past six years Manstrong believes in taking their relationship slow, way too slow for Baldavitch's tastes.

While touring the station, Manstrong tells the Venture Twins a story of an insane crew member who gathered most of Gargantua-1s crew together one night to watch Sharky's Machine in the hangar. While they were all watching the Burt Reynolds flick, the crazy crewman opened the bay doors, killing all of them. The legend tells that his spirit still haunts the station, and the boys quickly christen him "Phantom Spaceman!"

Led to the Control Room, Rusty is soon presented with the station's problem, the "Problem Light" has turned on. Assured that his genius can solve the problem, Rusty first makes use of his spacesuit's waste collection pouch, a feature that this space suit isn't equipped with.

Stewing in his own juices, Rusty begins his scientific method of troubleshooting, which involves pressing a lot of buttons. On one random button press, he manages to inadvertently open the doors to the cargo bay where Brock and H.E.L.P.eR. are searching for problems. H.E.L.P.eR. is hurtled into space while Brock barely escapes with his life.

After the Boys find out about Brock's mishap, which they believe was orchestrated by Phantom Spaceman, they rush to warn their father. Finding Rusty on the control room floor unconscious they mistake him for dead, believing Phantom Spaceman responsible. Instead, it was more button pushing that lead Rusty to mess with the station's gravity, knocking himself out cold.

As the boys leave crying, Rusty regains consciousness to the image of a 12-foot tall version of his father telling him to wake up. What's more is that Jonas blames Rusty for the problems with Gargantua-1.

Amazed with Brock's ability to survive being sucked into space, Lt. Baldavitch comforts him with an offer of post-near-death-experience-sex. Unable to tolerate her hideousness, Samson convinces her he'd like it better with her space helmet on. As the boys walk by the room they mistake the scene for a naked free-for-all battle between Brock and Phantom Spaceman. When Baldavitch's helmet comes off, the boys become clear on one thing: "Phantom Spaceman is still on the loose!"

Meanwhile, Rusty gets a warning that something has pierced the hull. Unknown to him it was HELPeR being thrown back at the station after getting hooked by a satellite. Tired of the the Gargantua-1s problems and tired of hearing his imaginary father, Rusty seeks comfort from one of his "diet pills" that he dropped on the floor and causes the pestering paternal phantasma to finally disappear.

As the boys sulk in a hallway about their dead father and the jerkiness of Phantom Spaceman, HELPeR strolls by. Unfortunately for the robot, he crash landed in a storage closet getting a blanket and bucket stuck over his head. The Boys recognize him instantly... as Phantom Spaceman and pummel HELPeR until the hallway is stained with his black oil.

In the control room Rusty alerts the station of the hull breach, which also signals to Hank and Dean that their father is still alive. That's when he notices an orange substance oozing from a control panel. He opens it up only to find a half-melted plastic Cowboy toy stuck in some wiring, a toy young Rusty had forgotten there many years ago. The problem was his fault after all.

As Brock goes outside the station to fix the hull, Bud Manstrong volunteers to join him. As Manstrong has become jealous of Baldavitch and Brock's relationship, he tries to discuss his feeling with Brock. But when Bud puts his hand on Samson, the bodyguard takes it as a sign of aggression and Brock beats Manstrong mercilessly, leaving him floating in space.

Rusty removes the cowboy from the panelling, which fixes the problem and shuts off the "Problem Light". He gathers up the boys, who are happy to see him alive, and wants to leave Gargantua-1 and his juicy space suit behind as soon as possible. As Manstrong, still floating outside the station, bargains with Baldavitch to save his life the Venture shuttle's rockets smack Bud into the station's windows.

In the control room, Rusty's soiled suit drips its salty leavings onto a nearby control panel, shorting it out...and the "Problem Light" begins its blinking anew.

[edit] Voice Talent
Voice Talent
James Urbaniak Dr. Venture
Michael Sinterniklaas Dean Venture
Patrick Warburton Brock Samson
Christopher McCulloch Hank Venture
Film Strip Narrator
Terrence Fleming Col. Bud Manstrong
Paul Boocock Dr. Jonas Venture
Nina Hellman Lt. Anna Baldavitch
Woman on Cell Phone
Soul-Bot H.E.L.P.eR.