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Colonel Bud Manstrong


"Have you no shame, you... you Mandingo?"
Other Names
Real Name: Bud Manstrong
1st appearance: Careers in Science
Voice Artist: Terrence Fleming
Venture Industries


An astronaut stationed aboard the Gargantua-1 space station who was prudish to the point of sexual-dysfunction. He has apparently been on the Gargantua-1 for quite some time since he remembers the Phantom Spaceman incident. Although this might have been a story he was making up to entertain Hank and Dean.

Colonel Manstrong became very jealous of Brock Samson's brief dalliance with Lieutenant Anna Baldavich. Lieutenant Baldavich claims he had every chance to act during the six years they had been aboard the station alone together.

Manstrong returned to Earth when the space station broke down and re-entered the atmosphere. In a last act of love, Lt. Baldavich attempted to give Manstrong a handjob, but his repressed and sexually dysfunctional personality caused him to panic, hit his head and render himself unconscious. Upon being revived in a military hospital, he learned that in the station's crash, the only fatalities were Lt. Baldavich and a group of terrorists (when the space station crashed upon their secret headquarters).

Hailed as a hero, Manstrong returned to Washington DC to much glory and political posturing. With his mother's aggressive lead to place him in the political spotlight, Manstrong followed her orders obediently while continuing to try and come to terms with the crash and Anna's death. Unbeknownst to all save the ghost of Abraham Lincoln and the army surgeons, Manstrong had the mother board from Gargantua 1 in the back of his neck. Lincoln believed the chip was forcing Manstrong to obey his mother's commands which would culminate in an assassination attempt. It turns out the chip didn't do anything, but only contained surveillance camera footage from the last few moments of Gargantua 1's life (including the footage of what occurred in the cockpit).

President Breyer offered him the vice-president position in the next election because his current vice-president was under indictment and he needed someone clean if he wanted to be reelected. Manstrong originally turned the position down because of Breyer offended him, but his mother later convinced him to change his mind. Whether Manstrong ever actually became vice-president is unknown.

Bud was revealed to be a repressed masturbator. In a daze after being beaten up by Lincoln's ghost he sticks his hands down his trousers and pleasures himself on the floor of the Oval Office crying out "My God it's full of starr-r-r-r-rr-sss" as he reached the end.

Episode Appearances[edit]