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Brown Widow

Brown widow.jpg

"Fucking tourist."
Other Names
Real Name: Jared
1st appearance: Bright Lights, Dean City
Voice Artist: Nathan Fillion


Brown Widow is a crime fighter based out of Manhattan who appeared in the episode Bright Lights, Dean City.

He used to be in the super science business until an accident occurred while he was writing his "irradiated spider" thesis, which gave him his super powers. In the episode he tries to help Dean when he mistakes him for a prostitute, however he ends up taking more of an interest in Dr. Venture's song-writing abilities while spying on him from the fire escape outside Dean's apartment. He ultimately impresses Dr. Venture with his singing exploits and is cast as "Rusty" in the musical, "Rust".

Brown Widow is essentially an anatomically correct Spider-Man reproduction.

Episode Appearances[edit]