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Brainulo old.png

Came back from the future to hate on Jonas.
Other Names
Real Name: Unknown
1st appearance: Now Museum - Now You Don't!
Voice Artist: Chris McCulloch
Fraternity of Torment


Brainulo is an elderly villain who joined The Fraternity of Torment after being trapped in the past by Jonas Sr.. In his prime he telepathically commanded a giant golden robot named Futuro and referred to all others as 'small-brains' and 'primitives.'

In the modern day he pretends to be senile, but is really plotting to cause chaos at JJ's dedication to his father's museum. He uses telepathy to prey on the insecurities and desires of the museum's guests, resulting in Richard Impossible's attempted public suicide and Billy Quizboy's theft of Venture memorabilia. He also attempted to reactivate Futuro with such effort that all the nodules on his head exploded and he collapsed in a limp heap. He was last seen with Scaramantula, who was trying to deactivate his old self destruct device, remarking that the events were worth crapping himself in front of everyone. Scaramantula hitched a ride on his wheelchair to escape before Professor Impossible eat the bomb because he's still trying to kill himself.

Fun Facts[edit]

  • At the original air date of Now Museum - Now You Don't!, the year in which Brainulo has been trapped seemed ambiguous. During the original summit of the Fraternity of Torment, he states that Venture has stranded him in "19(beep)9." Fans thought this was done as a deliberate joke to leave them in the dark about the timeline of Rusty's childhood. However, the Season 3 DVD and Blu-Ray, being uncensored, revealed Brainulo's line to actually be "nineteen-shitty-nine."
  • He is likely inspired by the Superman villain Brainiac.

Episode Appearances[edit]