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Selected Quotes for The Venture Bros. Episode,

Blood of the Father, Heart of Steel

The Nazi leader's face melts off and falls onto Rusty, tied to a chair.

You're getting face all over me, hot melting face!

I love Hitler and Hitler loves me!

And then what, you were hoping I'd be so grateful to you and Molotov, I'd join up with your little thrill-kill girls' club? Sorry, I don't have the tits for it.

Could have fooled me Poppin' Fresh


Unless... you were working undercover

Hunter Gathers

That's it, work it out Thinkenstein

You're still with OSI, aren't you? SPHINX wasn't after Molotov, they were after you! I knew it!

Hunter Gathers
(grabbing his crotch)
Boyo, you don't know dick!

Did you just kill Hitler?

Sgt. Hatred I mean if Oswald can squeeze of 3 hot slugs in 6 seconds, old Hatred can drop evil Nazi's in half that time.

Mr. Doe Where do you keep the shit-tickets in this dump?

Sgt. Hatred I'm Charles-In-Charge of you now, boyo!

Sgt. Hatred Do you like pizza with pineapple and ham on top?

Hank Ew! Gross! No!

Sgt. Hatred Well you do now!

Sgt. Hatred: Hank, I will give you so much money to not shoot your dad.