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The Venture Bros. episode
Blood of the Father, Heart of Steel
Season 4
Hank Comic.gif
Orig. Airdate Oct 18, 2009
Writer(s) Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick
Director Jackson Publick and Jon Schnepp
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The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together (Part 2) 40 Handsome Ransom


Questions are answered and truths are revealed. Learn how Henchman 21 copes with life without 24. See what happens when Brock and the Venture family are forced to part ways. Discover the final fate of H.E.L.P.eR. And all the while, the balance of the free world hangs in the hands of Dean Venture, who must kill Adolf Hitler.


Scene Order Chronological
Position 01 Position 01 Brock wakes up after the explosion (immediately after the end of the last episode).
Position 02 Position 13 Hank and Sgt Hatred set up sniping positions and Orpheus kills the Nazis with a spell (6+ months in the future).
Position 03 Position 02 Brock wakes up from surgery and escapes the OSI field hospital (a few days after the explosion).
Position 04 Position 12 Sgt. Hatred, in the bathroom, talks to Dr. Orpheus while Dean applies camouflage (6+ months in the future, but before the sniping scene).
Position 05 Position 03 Hank is on the toilet. Brock visits the compound, meets with Dean, and OSI cleans up the mess from the shootout (a few days after the explosion).
Position 06 Position 11 21 arrives with his LARP gang and seeks Dr. Orpheus's help in resurrecting 24 (months in the future, but before Dr. Venture is kidnapped).
Position 07 Position 04 Brock heads to Argentina to find out more about his betrayal, and to get Helper's head surgically removed. You briefly see the Nazis leaving, presumably with Hitler the Dog (about week after the explosion).
Position 08 Position 07 Sgt. Hatred tries to gain Hank's trust using a pistol, and Dr. Venture puts HELPER's head on the Spider Bot body. (several months in the future)
Position 09 Position 08 Brock, out of shape, leaves his hideout. (Several months after visiting the jungle)
Position 10 Position 06 The Nazis talk to Dr. Venture about using the dog to clone Hitler. (A week or so before Dr. Venture repairs HELPER)
Position 11 Position 09 Brock attempts to infiltrate the Blackhearts and is shot and captured. (A week or so after an out-of-shape Brock leaves the hideout)
Position 12 Position 05 21 talks to Dr. Venture about cloning 24 and pays for the service using the comic book. Hank receives the HELPER's head and Brock's jacket from Argentina. (Shortly before the Nazis try to enlist Dr. Venture's help with cloning Hitler)
Position 13 Position 10 A still out-of-shape Brock is interrogated by SPHINX. (After Brock is shot at Molotov's hideout)
Position 14
(After the credits)
Position 14 Brock meets with Hank and kills Hitler the Dog. (Both time lines join together at this point)


The Season 4 opener starts with flashbacks from the Season 3 season finale, Brock Samson telling The Monarch that he's taking the Monarchmobile, right before it explodes. We next see scenes from point-of-view of Samson passing in and out of consciousness - witnessing Henchman #21 carrying the head of Henchman #24, of an OSI soldier checking on his vitals, then later OSI surgeons attempting to save his life. We then flash to a scene where Sgt. Hatred, wearing a Venture Industries uniform, looking through the scope of a rifle, attempting to line up a shot to assassinate Nazi agents who have tied up Dr. Venture inside the Venture Compound. He radios Hank Venture, who is positioned in another location with another sniper rifle. Hank now has a new look, sporting a new, longer hair style and wearing a wolf mask and a blue jacket similar to Brock Samson's. Hank says that he can take his target by ricocheting the bullet off of his father's belt buckle. Sgt. Hatred begs him not to take that shot. Sgt. Hatred radios Dean Venture, asking him if he's taken out Hitler. Dean states that he's lost his knife again and expresses his doubts that Hitler must be killed. Sgt. Hatred orders H.E.L.P.eR, now combined with the body of a Walking Eye, to carry out the killing, but H.E.L.P.eR goes berserk, and Hitler breaks free of his leash, escaping just before H.E.L.P.eR fires his guns.. Dr. Orpheus, dressed in ceremonial cleansing garb, moves between the two and emits a bolt of electricity from his staff, shocking H.E.L.P.eR and then radiating throughout the electrical lines in the compound, and eventually killing the Nazis but miraculously missing Dr. Venture. Hank takes credit for the killshot, "Yeah, I did it. I hit every light with one shot!"

After the opening credits, we see Brock Samson waking up in an OSI operating room, bloody and bandaged, but otherwise alive. Samson leaves the empty room, and overhears a conversation between two OSI doctors who have captured Sgt. Hatred. Instead of killing him or wiping his mind, they plan to use his knowledge for further OSI operations. They then give Hatred a serum to "make all those little naked boys in your head go bye-bye." Samson hides as another OSI surgeon attempts to capture an invisible man. The surgeon then turns to Samson casually and ask him what he's doing out of bed. Samson pins the doctor to a wall, demanding to know what happened. The surgeon explained that he was brought about an OSI medical plane in order to save his life. Samson then discovers that the head of H.E.L.P.eR was embedded in his chest during the explosion. Samson escapes the plane, jumping out of it without a parachute. Samson & H.E.L.P.eR land on a jetpack of a passing OSI agent, and use it to land to safety.

Back at the Venture compound, the previous scene is now viewed as a panel in a comic book being read by Hank Venture. Inside a bathroom, Dean and Dr. Orpheus are assisting Sgt. Hatred with painting his face for battle, albeit with regular makeup instead of camouflage paint. Discussion comes up of killing Hitler. Sgt. Hatred and Dr. Orpheus explain that Hitler is "pure evil" and that only Dean is able to kill Hitler using a gold ceremonial knife. Hank states "I've killed hundred of Nazi's before" in video games, and he can also kill Hitler. Sgt. Hatred asks Hank to give him his comic book so that he can use it for toilet paper. We then go move to a prior event with Hank stuck in a bathroom, sporting his old hair style and traditional clothing, asking Mr. Doe (standing guard outside the bathroom) to find some more toilet paper. As the last of OSI's troops leave, we see Brock Samson and H.E.L.P.eR emerging from the fountain that they were hiding in. Back inside, Dean and Mr. Cardholder are reading an issue of Giant Boy Detective. Samson sneaks in and takes out Mr. Cardholder. After a warm hug from Dean, Samson asks where everybody is. Dean explains that Hank is upstairs with Mr. Doe, and that Dr. Venture is still in a meeting with Brock's OSI superiors. Mr. Doe comes down stairs, Brock grabs Dean's book and throws it at him, knocking Mr. Doe out. Brock explains that Dean cannot tell anybody that he is still alive, and that he only returned to check on things. Brock gives Dean his wrist communicator, instructing him to give it to Dr. Venture. Hank comes downstairs just after Brock leaves. Dean states that he just missed Brock, Hank doesn't believe him until Dean shows him the wrist communicator.

The show then moves forward in time. "New" Hank is playing a video game when he hears a jet thundering overhead. Rushing to the sliding glass doors in hope that it is Brock returning, is is dismayed to find that it is the X-1. Outside Dr. Venture watches as Gary a.k.a. Henchman #21, no longer wearing the uniform of the Horde, but instead dressed in medieval chain mail leading out his LARP group "The Orchard Street Wolf Pack". Dr. Venture notices that the plane is covered in graffiti and demands to know what happened to the plane. Gary tells Dr. Venture should be thankful that he even returned the it. Gary tells Dr. Venture, "Now, step aside, I have business to attend to" and walks off. Dr. Venture demands that Sgt. Hatred kill his crew. Sgt. Hatred notes that they're only armed with weapons shaped from foam. Dr. Venture catches up to Gary and explains that "I'm in deep doo-doo with this cloning thing." Gary dismisses him, claiming to be deceived by Dr. Venture after giving him a priceless family heirloom, and is now seeking a solution from Dr. Orpheus. Inside, Dr. Orpheus explains that he's not able to help Gary resurrect Henchman 24. He tells Gary that the word "necromancer" doesn't actually mean that he can bring people back from the dead, although multiple times throughout the series, Orpheus demonstrates that communicating with and resurrecting the dead is one of his main abilities (for example, in the episode Powerless in the Face of Death). Their conversation is interrupted when Dr. Orpheus discovers that Dean's dog, Giant Boy Detective, has stolen the arm of an ancient mummified relic and is using it as a chew bone. Dr. Orpheus identifies the dog as a source of great evil that must be destroyed, and that Dean must be the one who destroys it. Dr. Orpheus then takes Dean's comic book and uses it to distract Giant Boy Detective, throwing it so that he will go chase it. Dr. Orpheus teleports away to prepare for a cleansing ritual. Afterwards, Gary asks Dean, "What comic book were you reading?"

Elsewhere, in a remote jungle area, the surgeon who provided Col. Hunter Gather's sex change operation is seen talking with a Nazi leader. Samson sneaks in and takes out the Nazi, and then asks the surgeon to perform a surgery. The surgeon suggests that Samson now wants a sex change operation so he can kill Hunter. Samson reveals that he wants the surgeon to remove H.E.L.P.eR's head from his chest. When the surgeon asks what is to stop him from killing Samson on the operating table, Samson pulls out a grenade and places it in H.E.L.P.eR's mouth, indicating that if anything goes wrong, the grenade will be detonated.

Back at the Venture compound, Sgt. Hatred is attempting to teach Dean how to clean and re-assemble a pistol. Hank walks in and Sgt. Hatred demands to know why he's not dressed in his Venture Industries uniform. Hank states that Sgt. Hatred is not his bodyguard, Brock is, and that Brock is the only person he'll take orders from. Sgt. Hatred explains that he is now Brock's replacement and that they must become a unified team. Sgt. Hatred hands Hank a gun and demands to be shot in an effort to earn Hank's respect. Dean runs out of the room, crying. Hank fires off several shots, none of them coming close to hitting Sgt. Hatred, but one of the bullets going through Hank's comic book, ricocheting off the table and grazing Sgt. Hatred's right arm. Sgt. Hatred takes what he's got and hugs Hank. Dean runs back in, being chased by Dr. Venture and his "new" version of H.E.L.P.eR, now fused together with the Walking Eye.

Leaping forward in time an unknown number of months, we now see a noticeably overweight and beard-clad Brock Samson in the home of Steve Summers and Sasquatch, preparing to leave. Steve asks him not to leave, but Brock states, "If I don't do this I'll never be free." The trio share a tearful goodbye. Sasquatch provides Samson with a hand-knitted commando mask, Samson gives them a hand-painted portrait of Steve & Sasquatch. Samson tells Sasquatch, "Stay away from those campers. I don't want to see you on YouTube again." We again move backwards in time to Dr. Venture's cloning labs, where the Nazis demand that Dr. Venture use their dog to clone Hitler, "the blood grail, in his veins are the blood of our leader!" Dr. Venture says he's not going to involve himself in a hair-brained plan to revive Adolph Hitler, but he is warned that there are grave consequences for not helping them. Hank and Dean walk in as the Nazis leave, and Dean is immediately drawn to the dog, which proceeds to defecate on the floor. Dr. Venture uses Dean's magazine to scoop up the mess.

We then move forward in time again, now inside the offices of the Black Hearts, where Molotov Cocktease and Col. Hunter Gather are going over recent operations when Cocktease brings up the topic of a possible mole within the organization. Gather pauses, stammers, and then asks what brings her to that conclusion. Brock Samson is crawling through the air ducts overhead when he encounters a Sphinx agent, who is also listening. The two get into an argument about who should be spying, get into a scuffle, and fall through the ceiling on top of Cocktease. Gather draws his gun to shoot whoever is standing, and is shocked to find that it is Samson. Cocktease recovers and shoots Samson in the chest, sending him stumbling out the window. Samson's fall is broken by a palm tree, and nearby Sphinx agents emerge from a van, pick him up and take him away.

Moving further back in time from the previous two clips, we are taken back into Dr. Venture's cloning facilities as Gary attempts to negotiate payment for the cloning of Henchman #24, "I will raise him as my own son!" Gary presents Dr. Venture with a rare copy of Marvel Comics #1 as payment. Dr. Venture refuses to believe that the comic book is worth anything. Gary insists that the comic is rated very highly and worth nearly half a million dollars. Gary also provides Dr. Venture with remnants of 24's finger before he leaves. "Old" Hank walks in with a box from Argentina, already opened. Inside we find Brock Samson's blue jacket, wrapped inside it is H.E.L.P.eR's head, with the unit still operational. Dr. Venture performs a hard reset of H.E.L.P.eR's memories, while Hank proceeds to put on Samson's jacket. Dr. Venture then hands Hank the valuable Marvel comic. Hank tears it open, beginning the rapid destruction of its value.

Moving forward in time again, we see fat Samson stripped naked and tied to a chair as he is interrogated by Sphinx agents. After insisting that he knows nothing about plans from either Sphinx or the Blackhearts, and that he is no longer an OSI agent, he is left alone under a spotlight. Samson discovers that Hunter Gather is also with him, and the two briefly bicker about Gather sending assassins after him in order to clean up the underground hitman scene on behalf of the Blackhearts. Gather explains he did it to force Samson to quit his babysitting gig for the Ventures and to return to his true roots. Samson eventually comes to the conclusion that Gather's defection from OSI and the sex change was actually a plot for Gather to become a mole within the Blackhearts. Gather frees Samson, then tosses his ballcap at Samson, with a ponytail and wig inside Gather stands before Samson, now standing in front of Sphinx soldiers as their leader. The Sphinx soldiers include the surgeon and several ex-OSI operatives. Noticeably absent his sex-change operation, Gather proudly grabs his crotch and exclaims, "You don't know DICK!" We run the closing credits.

After the closing credits, we go back to the opening scenes of the episode, Dr. Orpheus' cleansing ritual is complete, and the electrical arcs return to his staff. Declaring the cleansing complete, Dr. Orpheus demands that Hitler, be brought forth so that Dean can kill him. Dean explains that the dog has run away. Hank is overlooking the Venture compound from the surrounding hills when Hitler runs into his area and attempts to attack Hank. From nowhere, a Sphinx agent ambushes the animal. Hank attempts to use his wrist communicator to contact the rest of the team, but is stopped by another Sphinx agent. The camera pans out to reveal the hand over Hank's mouth is that of Holy Diver/Shore Leave, telling him not to make a sound. The other Sphinx agent pulls out the golden knife and stabs it into the dog's chest, the dog instantly disintegrates. The agent pulls off his mask, revealing himself to be a now fit, trim and clean-shaven Brock Samson. Hank and Samson embrace. Brock warnss Hank that he can never tell anybody that Brock was just here or what he's done. Hank asks Brock why he left, Brock says that he will never leave, but right now he's needed more importantly elsewhere. Sgt. Hatred comes up the hillside looking for Hank, Brock and Holy Diver quickly disappear. Sgt. Hatred asks if Hank if he killed Hitler. Hank at first starts to tell of Brock's actions, but then says an angel came and killed the dog. Sgt. Hatred expresses his disappointment, stating that he was going to buy Hank ice cream cake for the task. Hank then takes all credit for the kill, "I was just kidding. Yeah, it was me! I totally killed Hitler!"

Fun Facts[edit]

  • The opening titles include some changes to the "running scene": Hank has a new haircut, Dean appears to be growing a mustache, Rusty's running ahead of the boys, Sgt. Hatred behind Hank and behind Hatred is the HELPeR/Walking Eye hybrid
  • The video game Hank plays is the menu screen from Disc 2 of the Season 3 DVD and Blu-Ray.
  • The episode's structure is structured like the movie Memento, where half the story is told forwards from the beginning, while every other scene is moving backwards from the second-to-last scene of the story, finally "meeting in the middle" for the last scene. In order to tell them apart, they each employ a designation that is referencing Marvel Comics #1. The forward-progressing scenes are labeled during a freeze-frame with titles from the several stories in Marvel Comics #1: The Human Torch, The Angel, The Sub-Mariner, Jungle Terror, The Masked Raider, Burning Rubber, and Ka-Zar. [1]. Every time a logo flashes on screen, it somehow relates to what is happening in the freeze-frame. The comic is used as payment for Dr. Venture's services in the episode, but the comic is handled and eventually destroyed. Alternating sections are titled with the current dollar value and CGC rating of the comic as it is devalued, although this as left as an inside gag for the viewer to figure out. The comic book's tie-in with the episode is revealed when Hank opens the comic, beginning the rapid devaluation in a countdown (which, in retroactive story format, counts up). Upon second viewing, the viewer can see the "miracle comic" used as toilet paper, picking up dog doo, being shot, etc.

[edit] Voice Talent
Voice Talent
James Urbaniak Dr. Venture
Patrick Warburton Brock Samson
Michael Sinterniklaas Dean Venture
Christopher McCulloch Hank Venture
Sergeant Hatred
Hunter Gathers
Steve Summers
Doc Hammer Henchman 21
Shore Leave
Steven Rattazzi Dr. Orpheus
Brendon Small Surgeon
OSI Scientist
Mia Barron Molotov Cocktease