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Ben Edlund, born September 20, 1968 in Pembroke, Massachusetts is best known as being the creator of The Tick.

In 1988, Ben Edlund launched the comic book that would make his name known to many comic and cartoon fans across the nation. It was the tale of a 300 lb., 7ft tall big blue arachnid named The Tick. It was a character that Ben created a few years before in high school. The original series, drawn and written by Ben and published by New England Comics, only lasted 12 issues, but became quite popular in the underground comic world. The creation of a 13th issue is something Ben still hasn't decided against, but he has become involved in many other projects since.

In 1994, Ben worked with Fox Kids Network to bring The Tick (and Arthur) to the small screen in an animated series. The show was a pretty faithful interpretation of the quirky heroic characters introduced in the comic book. It became an underground hit with a cult following. It was here that Ben began working closely with Chris McCulloch. Chris wrote or co-wrote many episodes for the show. The Tick Animated Series lasted for 3 seasons but eventually succumbed to being marketed as a kids show. The humor was often targeted to an older audience and trying to cater the show to children stifled its creativity. Fox wanted something to sell happy meals and action figures. The Tick did that, for a time, but shows would come along that Fox saw as better suited to a child audience. Comedy Central picked up syndication rights to the show and aired it for a while. There it picked up some more fans and its popularity continued to grow.

In 2000, Ben began working on the Tick's next incarnation , a live action television show. With the support of Barry Sonnenfeld (Director of Addam's Family, Men in Black), and the talent of Patrick Warburton as the embodiment of big blue justice, the show had much promise. Almost a year after the pilot was picked up The Tick finally aired. However, a difficult timeslot, (against NBC's Must See TV and CBS's Survivor), preemption by Baseball, as well as little promotion by the Fox Network lead to the show ending after only 8 episodes. It was the second time Fox had mismanaged one of Ben's creations.

In fall of 2002, Ben was working as a producer and writer on the Joss Whedon created show Firefly. He and Joss had worked together before on the screenplay for Titan A.E. Firefly was an innovative, character-driven space western. Unfortunately, Firefly was cancelled after only an 11 episode run, including the pilot. The only episode penned by Ben that aired was Jaynestown

Ben then went on to writing and producing a few episodes of Angel, another Joss Whedon created show. After this show was cancelled Ben would move onto onto the short-run of Point Pleasant, a show run by Tim Minear a writer and producer on Firefly.

Ben long-time friendship with Chris led to him working on Venture Bros. He's credited with the story for Careers in Science. He also wrote one episode for the second season, "Viva Los Muertos" and is voicing one or more unknown characters.